one answer to one question…

teachings of a wise friend

gettin’ stonier & stonier in here.
i got a friend who taught me
how to push through inebriation
into something else;
we ain’t at it yet, but we’re
gettin’ there. tryin’
at least.

now he wants to tell me
how it’s gonna be, even if i’m confusing
the music and his instructions.
ringing that bell wouldn’t be new;
you might say it’s how i got here
in the first place.

serotonin is a mother-fucker.
first i thought i was depressed;
maybe started thinking there wasn’t
much reason to hang on.
after application, everything
was exactly the same,
except now it was okay;
an expression of chemical
interaction; no reason to cut
that throat just yet.

but my friend got past all that;
past obvious answers to
frequently asked questions.
with each new blast of air,
he assures me the same fate
awaits me. his mutterings
are by now so obscure
as to require metaphysics;
the end of the lesson.

stonier & stonier in here.
hard to see, light obscured
by what might be dust or smoke.
for a very limited time, i
got all the chemistry correct,
which speaks highly of
my fine friend. that the
high requires the low
as a matter of fact makes
for shaky compromise,
but for a minute, i
got it in my blood
enough to welcome
the discontinuity.
close enough.

I’ve said it many times before, but it needs saying again. De Quincey, you are an asshole. I can live with that. I enjoy that.


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