patricians at 3:30 a.m. with tattoos…

put me down

running circles around centerville
looking for a good story or
conversation or whatever;
blasted into space in
a wicker basket.

can’t feel much beyond
screwing down this lid
another quarter turn,
like James would give a shit
that i ripped off his thoughts
via 20th century media. doesn’t
really compensate for
the loss of feeling.
it’ll come back.

in the meantime we’re
all so desperate, and i wanna
help but i got nothing left
and even if i could cry,
you’d gain little to nothing
from the effort.
i’m as desperate
as the rest, no more,
no less. with everything so
addled, who the fuck
knows any better?


Sounded good at the time.


12 Responses to “patricians at 3:30 a.m. with tattoos…”

  1. being desperate could help you grow and learn things…

    very powerful emotions..
    vivid and pleasant read.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. I try not to write too much ‘downer’ poetry but this kinda spilled out while trying to write something else entirely. I guess it was one of those philosophical revelations that you don’t know you have until it’s on the page. Thanks for the compliment, always good to hear from ya!


  2. one step at a time…
    thanks for the contribution…
    have a fun day!

  3. You’ve poemed a mouthful here … modern day frustrations strongly expressed.

    Fine contribution to Rally days…Enjoy!

    • Loved that you used “poemed” as a verb. That is hysterical. Thanks kindly for reading & the compliment, I will be rolling through to comment tonight/tomorrow morn. Thanks for reading,


  4. Sina Saberi Says:

    nice imagery 🙂

  5. Kick Out The Jams Says:

    Nice writing CRB, the emotion really comes out and what a great title…

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