undeniable endings…

wooden spoon

if i’d been commonly
attempted, it was only once;
and only because i found myself
into some quixotic devolution
that made a convenient place
to hide.

i call out whatever is left
of this night-cap, under
these hot lights
with these characters
demanding wooden spoons
to mix the ice tea
rather than metal cutlery;
couldn’t believe what i was

gave them wooden spoon.

now motionless in the face
of insecurities, all residential
& proper amongst
prosperous folk.
throughout the last gasps
of star coated evening-ware,
far from cameras or
friends or reach or grasp,
just enough air to breathe.

the iced-tea still needed to cool
before it was worth a damn thing.
these lowered lights make for
intense heat, as if awaiting
interrogation, while
thirst grows for
whatever is left of
this wooden spoon night-
cap to be drained to the dregs,
then properly set down.


Dedicated to the usual band of caustic villains. Nothing like trying to purchase a few more hours before realizing it used to be free. I wish there was more I could do.


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