i didn’t get any warning
about broken backs;
shoulda known better anyway.
i’m embroidering myself
under a sky pissing rain. only
’cause i can’t care
about getting wet,
fucking embroidery is ruined
and i don’t feel a thing.

rain water all flows down storm
drains…is it even a waste?
everything comes back again
one way or another.



25 Responses to “music…”

  1. I like the earthiness.

  2. Prompts me to consider a cyclic nature to life. Memorable imagery throughout your poem. Enjoyed reading it very much.

  3. Love the last stanza, and the tell-it-like-it-is tone. No accessories, just a basic, (possibly, for some) multi-meaning truth.

  4. Thanks all, and yes, there are a few different ‘meanings’ behind this poem, but it seems possible to tease them out with some free-association. Glad it has been enjoyed so far. Appreciate the eyeballs.


  5. why worry about the rain…wets not bad anyway…and yes it all come back again…and the world spins round…but i sure bet the embroidery is ruined but oh well…nice one shot!

  6. signed .............bkm Says:

    love it “embroidering myself under a sky pissing rain”….you always bring a smile to my face….thank you…bkm

  7. Out – stepping on cracks – your free associating here feels very urban but interesting use of embroidery –a homey, industry of young ladies. I liked it; still finding my own meanings. Good work.
    Gay @beachanny

    • Well, you know someone has to embroider all those Hell’s Angels patches onto their vests. Luckily not me, but you get the idea. Also appreciate you finding your own meaning in the poem; poetry is a form that lends itself to reader interpretation as much as the writers intentions.


  8. moondustwriter Says:

    I love the fact that you can read into the imagery and you can read as someone who got soaked in a down pour.
    something I love about poetry – there is always more!

    a great One Shot

    moon smiles

  9. Rarely is there any warning about broken backs…but embroidery helps the healing…yes?
    Even if it shrinks a little.

    • Can’t say for sure, I’ve never stitched anything in my life. I just liked the symbolism of construction while the outer world tried to destroy what was being assembled. Nothing specific to embroidery. Thanks for reading,


  10. I’m not so sure I’d feel so care-free in a piss rainstorm. (LOL)

    Nice One Shot!

  11. very symbolic.. good one shot!

    My One Shot!

  12. ..rain water all flows down storm
    drains…is a killer line..really cool
    and i sometimes like getting wet when i bike in a summer rain..

  13. I liked the unique use of words in the phrase, “i’m embroidering myself
    under a sky pissing rain.” Never thought of the sky like that, but yes, very good description!!

  14. Hey hey, sorry I haven’t fropped around ina while. Amazing poem honey! ❤ it!

    • Can’t tell you how good it is to hear from ya! Where ya been? Is your site no longer up? Wow, woke up from a brief intra-day coma and that made my day. Thanks duder, if you have a site get me the link I will def. put up a link to it. I tried to show a friend of mine your page a while back but couldn’t find it and was bummed out. Glad to see you are still kicking. Glad you liked the poem, got more to work on but tonight is the end of the home baseball season and I am off to the ball park. WRITE!!!!


  15. loved reading it

  16. there was anger and a “whats the point” attitude…very well written and thanks for sharing with one shot…cheers pete

    • Yeah, I am struggling to get that “what’s the point” out of my writing as it is leaching into a lot of other things where it shouldn’t be. Must be my mindset. Thanks for checking it out, love you guys over at 1SW.


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