some time…

paraphrase, or life as a puddle

spent some morning-time
as a rain-puddle;
long enough to decide it wasn’t
much a fit.
can’t abide
such easy movement;
dictated by minute degrees
of difference from the
perfectly perpendicular;
existence all relativity
of sloping surfaces
& surprise floods.

when i wasn’t looking, i must ‘a
fallen down an
asphalt list of priorities. teasing
out gentle equivalence
when i used to be picked first
the price for softly failing
to deliver. prices, contracts, proper
hedging of risk; all that
good ol’ MBA bullshit
might have been good preparation
for such moments;
as much lying in wait to attack
as described on resume paper.

as a puddle
i didn’t bother with prep-work;
means we’re all taking whatever
comes out on sunday
speed. slow
convection heating of the puddle,
shrinking me down.
now i’ll have to wiat for rain
to get more of me back.

i’d meant to be something
else. puddles being transitory objects,
even admittedly innocent ravings
can’t stop sunlight & heat
from working their own
peculiar magic on puddles,
no matter how placid &
inviting the water.

There are times I wish I was better at all this than I actually am. If it weren’t for teachers that appear when they can do the most good, I shudder to think what would happen. My gratitude, as always, to the wise and sage-like willing to help out when puddles are shrinking and the lights are too bright. Another chance to owe more than I can repay, but here’s hoping. Some days you just need something good more than anything, and finding it can really make things better. Even rough mornings can be overcome with a little good luck and a willingness to admit mistakes and all those times you were wrong.


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