wooly wooly pecka pecka…


i shouldn’t be doing this.
damn door to the outside world
is wide open, waiting
on me to make up my mind
amidst oscillating temperatures,
sweating palms &
wishing i hadn’t
left corporeal me
so hostage to temptation.

mistakes like this don’t
leave scars; well, no
visible scars. is
reading about someone
else botching the job
supposed to make me feel better
about that failure?
great big gulps of oxygen
infested air quiet
the hum of the cosmos.
you hear it for a few seconds
only with the right gas.

the door is still open,
but who has time to worry about
all that? that neighbor walkin’
her dog used to seem
inviting; guess she’s got a new
toy cause she don’t
say aloha anymore. catch
as catch can; that’s all.
aloha & laughter & skunk.

i cheated; picked
up the story in the middle.
just before he took
out his gun, trigger-pull
towards infinity.
was it a .45 or a .38?
did his choice belong to you?
nobody gives you everything.

the last half more
than broke my heart.
i get bored when the
good-guy wins all the time &
that used to be my secret
until i gave it up. you’ve
given away a few
secrets yourself; i
hope you saved something
to keep as your own.


dedicated to Eireann Corrigan who has more guts than me, strangely enough. I’ll give you a cookie if you figure out why.


14 Responses to “wooly wooly pecka pecka…”

  1. love reading your poem.
    powerful perspective.

    • Thanks Jingle, I’m always honored when you comment on my poetry! As I’m sure you know, it takes a lot of time and sweat to get something out in a way that feels ‘right.’ Thanks for reading!


  2. signed .............bkm Says:

    love the picking up of the story in the middle…how true…and getting bored with the good-byes…so honest in this piece…personally I like to read the ending first…then middle …the beginning of anything is usally all small talk…..nice…bkm

    • Thanks kindly, I enjoy your work as well.I was trying to get across some of hte same themes from Eireann Corrigan’s book ‘You Remind Me Of You’ which if you haven;t read you should check out; fantastic poetic memoir. Thanks much for stopping by, I always enjoy visiting your page and catching up on your latest.


  3. I’m feeling a TERMINAL mistake here.

    • Well, not quite sure what you are referring to, but I am always thankful for people taking their time to read my work. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the poem.


  4. I’m thinking you just read Splintering, having “picked it up in the middle.”

    Great writing, evocative use of elements. Loved it. Your new Jingle Sister, Amy Barlow Liberatore

    • Very perceptive. Just finished ‘Splintering’ and loved it. Different kind of emotional expression (i.e. from the personal memoir to establishing the framework of a fictitious story that utilizes the experience of the home invader to capture the family dynamic.) I very much enjoy her writing and find her to be a brave poet full of emotional discourse. Thanks much for the comment and for reading. It is always appreciated.


  5. Your poetry has a real sense of being contemporary and daily life like and I enjoy that in your words… like last time when I read your other poetry… very nice…thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

    • Very glad to see you again my friend. I do try to keep the language and pacing consistent and draw the reader into the world as I see it. I am always happy when a poem gets a positive response from the group. Thanks again for reading,


  6. I enjoyed the writing in this poem. I could feel
    the sense of urgency that you were trying to convey.

    • Thanks for reading and for the compliment! Always appreciated. Tried to click over to your site but the link didn’t work. Can you repost it as a comment? I try to read everyone’s poetry who is kind enough to read mine, and I’d love to see what you’ve written.


  7. Brilliant poem, so much passion, so much honesty!

    “i get bored when the
    good-guy wins all the time &”

    I guess in every line we can find something we feel or relate to. The above really stood out for me.

    • Crazy coincidence, I just left you a comment not 30 seconds ago on your site. Odd coincidence I guess. Anyhow, thanks for swinging by and reading. I try to be as honest as possible in my poetry because I feel very strongly the medium requires it before we can say anything well. At any rate, you are quite the writer yourself, I always enjoy checking out your work. Take care,


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