don’t go that way, it’s a turn-off…


there’s tough humor
in unforgiving carelessness;
like when someone still cared
enough to beat an answer
out of every clenched jaw.
how was i supposed to know
it’s always the same right answer?

harder & harder outside;
inside is still there;
regurgitation as “present”,
about equivalent to cadavers
laying in cold-storage
waiting for grave or hearth.

iconic happenstance excuses
most iconography & idle worship; a
prerequisite to conscious-expansion.
couldn’t be changed
if i wanted to; fighting
absolute momentum is too
braindead a activity,
even for me.

left-over pieces of emergencies,
travails, whatever you call
fragments split from the whole
too broken to be reassembled.
gonna be ok (for once),
and i know why (this time specific).

neverfear; don’t go that way.

it’s a turnoff
onto a dead-end
street. be a
good dualist.
wander an opposite
direction; tell me
what you SEE.


Too small for something so big. Usual condolences & curiosity. Feed one with the other as needed.


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