keep calling…

calling back the store

i’m made of mango & strawberries
by choice, even if no
choice at all can be made
under circumstance.

woke up this morning especially sure
of my massive financial endowment.
same old questions followed;
fuckers didn’t even
to turn green. we’ll beat ’em
at their own game;
refuse to play.
what comes next?

mango-strawberry arms,
strawberry mango mouth;
i guess we could spit
back what we bought…
then why bother at all?

pretend-natural progressions
once could guide
without reason; even
better were expectations
of progress still
to come. ditching that
framework took time,
patience, stupidity; now
dependence is broken
& with it our guide
lost any pretense toward

shoulda seen it coming,
at least thought it through.
arriving back a poor
man in vacation-land surroundings
with mangoes & strawberry
pops with real fruit
promises & real fruit
theories, same mouthful
as everyone else.

now process in discovery
paid with something other
than coin, i can keep
moving. sooner or later
i might find something
to make myself out of
other than mangoes &


So the Marquessa sends well wishes? Good, good. Stick me with sharp objects for fucks sake. (Still better to prolong the moment, even if the same advice does not hold true for every situation. Like when you keep wondering if I notice such incremental movement. Whether I notice it or not means nothing. It’s your life to live, and nobody is forcing you into fantasy-land at gunpoint. Still, if you are interested, by all means.) Dedicated to same. Inspired by air conditioners and hot Septembers and finding out what you want still holds chance of redemption.

2 Responses to “keep calling…”

  1. Calen Rola Says:

    Is this H.A.C.? Yes,dichotomy! Going to Toronto this weekend,stopping to make sure kriiters are OK, then going to see elder relatives. Be back Tuesady.

    • Cool. Enjoy Toronto, ensure the critters are OK, and have fun seeing the elder relatives. Just also know I have no fucking clue who you are, but thanks for swinging by, and most definitely thanks for reading. Lemme know how Toronto goes, I’ve always wanted to visit.

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