the butterfly bitch part 1…

all of it, or 36963

so for a minute
of unpardoned silence
i had to wait all day.

it wasn’t excruciating,
waiting for a phone to ring
-like wait;
instead dissolving from within,
lusting after certainty;
scared to look.

outside severe fences, homes,
grass is gravel to crunch
underfoot so i know instantly
when your feet pass over.
i can unlock the door; i’d leave it open,
but i know the sound of your feet
as easily as your scent,
i won’t open my mouth
for any other scentsound.

for a moment
of unpardoned silence
i waited all day long.
footfalls never arriving,
except in echoes of my barefoot
pacing polished wood floors.

after a long enough wait,
i’ll give up on your sightsound,
but it won’t be eloquent, or with grace.


Remember when I said that thing about the story of the Incredible Butterfly Bitch? This is part one. Story is too big for one poem, so this will be my first attempt at serialization of my own work. I’m thinking it would only add to the humor if I switched from total free-form to something a little more structured. I’d like to keep the 3-6-9-6-3 and see if maybe six or eight different poems could illustrate the entire story quite nicely. They will all be tagged as part of the “Butterfly Bitch” storyline, and will appear irregularly or randomly until I finish the project.

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