the butterfly bitch part 2…

running joke

by the time the door wasopen,
i’d turned you into Schrodinger’s cat;
took time for youtobecome you again.

our first push took less effort
than a well used & lubricated syringe, &
’bout as much love.
clothes tossed off, even my
windows were breathinghard
after an endless wait on ecstasy.

sweating in-natural heat,
staring at the ceiling tryin’ not to smile,
thinkin’ at you calling myname
right before falling down. a pair
aw ribcages
keeping usseparate while
fingers explore a slick roadway
tracing wet curves
across your spinal-roadmap.

mixed in with slicksweat & coolnight
& hotroom are
maybequestions still waiting on
the same succor i’ve been given;
for what it’s worth i have you now,
subject to change in-discretion.

wet roads & slickback exchanges,
curves & destruction of lineofsight;
yourprescience outshines mine aswe lick leftovers.


Wait till you see where this is going. I know what it looks like so far. If you are into fuckeduprecall, I think you’ll dig it. If not, well, not much I can do about that. Besides, every one-sided ending needs a one-sided beginning. The next five parts will be bloody and absolutely the kind of shit you can get nowhere else but here.

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