our hero, the man from up north…


of course there is a man to see
about beautiful sunrises,
strong-beating hearts &
mornings we jettison sobriety
in gentle compliance with
warmth & light on the move. rescuing
clever-smile smile mornings from cold-
wind darkness takes
a certain something;
whatever our preposterous intentions.

i can’t help but smile smile at birds
cackling & crackling on the tree line
(still green & fighting off autumnal
they all seem to enjoy this morning;
such infectious behavior seducing
my smile smile; reconfiguration of itself
as laughter echoes across
my room then flows out the door
into the world.

i’ll admit it; the last two weeks
were cat-o-nine-tails.
applied in an unapproved manner, i can
only whip the skin for so long;
after that, i just wait for mornings
such as i have here. already
quirky readjustments, accomplished
in situ.
we’re better now.

my harsh-smile smile melted in favor
of a sated-smile smile
wide enough to reflect humor
hidden in eloquent prose.
at base, all is
connected within the worlds’
crank shaft/gear box.
Concordia has imbued
smile smiles with peace, if
properly recognized.

Athena is gone; Hera is fighting
Zeus & Hephaestus
won’t be found. my new playmates;
all handling & passing
ceremonial bowls for

my new friends gave me keys
& a kingdom; one present
might open the other.
of course there is a man to see;
i hear he comes from the north
with caduceus & ankh prepared
to heal any who ask &
all who suffer.

i smile smile to greet my
fine morning;
instantaneous save
short wait for our star,
& that can be done
standing on my head. my
three friends stand me up
right side first, shove me
forward to smile smile
with laughing eyes.

languishes behind
will follow;
victim of circumstance or
self-preservation. splendid
smile smile never needs
to say a thing. smile-
smile means so much.


Dedicated to that one and only (who at present has stopped writing, but will be goaded, pushed, and poked along until she sees the light. That’s right baby, now that I have more time on my hands, you are my next project. Also, the Butterfly Bitch Part 4 is nearing completion. Hold on to your cocks and drop your socks. Something like that. This one’s for you darling. (Seriously, do you think it would work? Me either, but that seems like such piss poor rationale not to at least try. There is that one thing to worry about, but for now, that’s way off. Until we meet again,


10 Responses to “our hero, the man from up north…”

  1. Now that you have rested a bit, you are like a force of nature! Goaded, pushed, and poked – your project – what could this all possibly mean? An inquiring mind wants to know.

    • What does it mean? Well, tell you what. I will tell you exactly what I think it means if you answer a question as to whether we have met in the past sometime. Can’t escape the feeling that you seem familiar, but can’t be sure. Add in my radar is down as well for the time being.

      I’m public with how I feel and what I think my failings are; I don’t fear being bled out or any other emotional roller coaster. It means (partially) that I am way far down now, but might be up again later. It means I’m stumbling around, but sooner or later I will open my eyes and find the person I need(not want, this is different and more important to me.) Long story short… if we can develop a little bit of trust I’ll tell you anything you might want to know.


  2. The wording of your first three sentences in the comment section made me chuckle – this is how you are isn’t it? Like that.

    Well, if you received a package on 9/14 – what was the metal object in it? If you answer this riddle correctly, then we will both know who is who.

    • Gotcha, and thanks for the laughs. Good riddle too. Took me a second. You know, nothing anyone ever says would get me to talk in person about anything appearing herein. Just so we’re clear, and anonymity is preserved. Thanks kindly for reading, that means a lot more to me.


      • Writing is fine well and good, but you need to get your sleep. I hope you are finally sleeping now. Please do not drive when you have been so sleep deprived. With regards.

      • Working on falling asleep. It’s harder than I would have thought. If I don’t sleep tonight, we’re up to almost a week. btw – your date is wrong. My metal boxes came earlier. You sure you know when I’m waiting for metallic joy? I tell so few about the real dealings. Thanks again for reading. I’m trying to sleep, why don’t you tell me what to dream about?


  3. A protective nature is an admirable trait. However, you did pose the question… so let me answer it this way…we met in a manner such as this…it was as though two atoms from opposite ends of the cosmos had purposefully been set on a path ever so long ago and then they collided…changed forever in a single instant.

    • OK, I gotta know, what does that mean? Cause either I’m not who you think I am or you aren’t who I think you are. Survey says?

      • Survey says: Seems like there’s a whole lot of mental reciprocity going on – that has a ring to it, like a Jerry Lee Lewis song. Quite flattering – the intermingling of thoughts/words.

      • Indeed. I guess I should just thank you for reading and leave the mysterio routine for another time. If you like any of what you’ve read, I’m glad to have crossed paths. That’s good enough for the moment. I mean, things couldn’t get much better for the moment.


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