sentience achieved…

1 minute

dri-ving one room
throu-An-ghOther/ mes-
s edup quite well;
(go OD) wait-ing
for effec
t no long-er.
such ea ea ea
easy applique ex-
(plan) ation;
go t ge t plen
enty m -ore pow-
d-er-ed ha(,)!


Look, I like ee cummins as much as the next man, perhaps moreso. But to pretend playing brilliant word/mind games equates to stylized poetry would be to preach absolute truth. Yes, this is a blatant rip-off from the standpoint of style, and imitation is sincerest form of flattery. Aphorisms are not poetry. (Normality achieved as well, by the way. Thank you Dr. Hook!)* Dedicated to my second muse, who, come to think of it, I haven’t gone and pestered in quite a while. That is going to have to change. Thanks also to Tom Lehrer for some of the terminology, but the phrasing and exculpation was all mine, as are any mistakes.

*not a real doctor.


8 Responses to “sentience achieved…”

  1. Yes, here’s to Dr. H for the promotion of healthy balanced lives.

  2. And to the exertions required to obtain same.
    ha(,)! – almost missed this added touch. No ppy needed indeed, I’ll say.

  3. I love playing with representational meaning, and even though it has been done before, I am convinced it can add another layer to a good poem that allows a closer illustration of different symbols. Thanks for the compliments…. do you write? I feel like I owe you a look.


    • Ha, you are too much, really! I think that the world is fortunate you took the high road in life, you would have been a monstrous Moriarty…

      • You are probably correct, though I like to think I can get along with just about anybody if given the opportunity. “Moriarty” characterizes a devious nature I do not possess, rather looking for the simplest, most peaceful co-existence that can be found. (There is one other thing I am looking for, but I do not ever tell anyone. It has to be found without me publicly asking for it. It has to be be found organically.)

        I’m a utilitarian for the most part when it comes to philosophy, and this influences my life to an absurd degree. However, to assume I took the “high road” in this life implies a decision, when in reality it is simply the only way I know how to live. Speaking of which, how do you define the “high road” when everything is relative? Something that has always troubled me on a psychic level.

  4. I just realized that I now have a halogram in my head. Yes, there it is…

  5. Hmmm, generally I think men are by nature more utilitarian than women – that difference is observed even in childhood. But as a chosen philosophy, in what I have learned about you, I am able to see how you differ from others – even amongst mamy who have chosen “professional” religious paths.

    Free will, the process of decision making comes into play for humans in everything beyond the beating of hearts, breathing, etc. The reality we see in the world attests to the decsions mankind has been making thus far.

    By taking the high road, I guess I meant having a positive effect on the world around you – the words step by step, one by one, higher and higher – come to mind – I think these are lyrics from a song.

    Your thoughts “looking for” create a feeling of contentment within this reader at least – like wearing a pair of worn comfortable slippers, having a warm breakfast on a cold day, etc. – images such as these come to mind.

    • That is quite a compliment, though as bad as I am at taking compliments, this is a good morning to take stock and hope that there is some redeeming characteristic aside from writing that i bring to the table.

      As to the “looking for” I haven’t the slightest inkling where it is. I am quite sure it exists, and that I will find it. Until then, we take no more than we need and let the rest of the world run its errands while I run mine. Anything else is too complicated.


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