our hero hits the brick wall…

speed, or animals on parade

by the time i’d slid from
panda to tiger, the
morning had irrevocably changed.
of course, speed ain’t really like me;
usually i’m a turtle. naw, just
on mornings like this; kind of
mispelled, a little off-center or un-
balanced. throw in a little
unmolested time, loosen up my
grip & let me stumble.
acceleration does all the work;

i can sit back in K2 seats
(up in the nosebleeds;) watch the game.
we’re on a shit run right now;
i think ours have minds elsewhere;
as fast as the game moves,
we’re all a step slow.

busted/back in my apartment. broken
into my own place again;
no choice in the matter,
had to get back.
stop laughing; liquid speed
really ain’t my thing even
on such slow mornings,
past hours too fucking tiring
to try n’ count, mysterious blood-
stains & changes in temperature;
nothing to really hang your hat on.
don’t-matter goes by so fast i
barely know what to miss.
i should tough it out, tame damn tiger
might turn out to be
a house-cat.

No dedication on this one. Inspired by the best-worst phone call ever. That was instant classic concerning both timing and subject matter. Too bad nobody is around to see it. Maybe some other morning.

7 Responses to “our hero hits the brick wall…”

  1. Sounds like everything was a bit of, but you made it through – how do you feel about the house cat?

  2. a bit off – sorry

  3. Well, I don’t have a cat, but I am on board if other people want them. Bukowski wrote some great poems about cats, check them out if you get the chance.

    As for things being a bit off, well, yes they are way fucked up, but nothing really new there. Things are always fucked up, but that is what makes it fun. “May you live in interesting times” as the saying goes. At this point, I am conducting morale improvement drills assisted by the good Doctor and his faithful gas passer. I would say it is working, don’t you think?

    • The way you express yourself does make me smile/chuckle. Drills you say…I just got back from doing exercises at a small local club myself.

      • Always glad to make someone laugh. Makes it a successful day for me! And twice in one day no less. Thanks for the compliment. Are you enjoying the last of the good weather?

      • Successful day due to making someone laugh twice or the morale improvement drills you have been conducting? The weather here is good so far – the Fall is usually pretty nice.

  4. Both. Most definitely both. Morale is way up by this time, and laughter is ringing out.

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