the butterfly bitch part 4…


we weren’t very good at pretending
to be serious; merely compliant. we could
avoid acknowledging anything anytime.

slipshod as things were, the setup
seemed simple; too obvious to see.
master of theory is only a pretend
challenger to the title; radio silence hit
ground without a word of
explanation. nobody to ask any better.

waking into the second act was
no different than any other trip;
i’ve got sunshine in my pocket,
while all morning winds try to blast
stitches from those protective pockets.
of course it failed; how could
it not? maybe this second act
could be another set of curtains
raised; a clean shot at something new.

radio silence is funny; as much
as any of those two-way chances
are taken as matter-of-course.
waking up with sunshine already
back pocketed, protected
by my vulgar smile & calm/kind eyes.

i wasn’t very good at pretending to be
serious; merely compliant. always easier to
avoid acknowledging anything anytime.


Sometimes going crazy is the best thing you can do for yourself. I would certainly not argue with that. Be on the lookout for The Butterfly Bitch parts five through seven in the next few weeks when we get into the dirty things that we’ve so far ignored. That should be fun.

4 Responses to “the butterfly bitch part 4…”

  1. I read somewhere that feelings and emotions are expressed in poetry in a way that cannot be done as well in other forms of writing. You write very well by the way. Glad that you are keeping sunshine with you. Why don’t you break the radio silence – I’ll bet the radio receiver is a very good listener…you do have alot of interesting things to say…even “venting” is OK you know. Being accepting of someone should not be based upon their strengths, as that is a given. It is more about being accepting of their shortcomings. Perfection is only found in Heaven. In some cultures a handmade item is purposely created with a mistake built into it so that God will not be offended by a man/woman placing themselves on the level as God.

  2. I appreciate the comment. “The Butterfly Bitch” series is a method of venting. As for the god stuff, see the link under the “Philosophy” tag on the left. Your considerable kindness displayed by your comments is always great to read. Sorry I can’t join you on the God part, but feel free to keep reading and commenting. You’re my first regular. Salud.

    • And so the radio remains silent, perhaps this is best – you do seem quite focussed upon “The Butterfly Bitch” series. Oh, wrote too fast – “placing themselves on the same level as God.” I did read your “Philosophy” tag. An elderly relative of mine believes that everything has come about at the result of the forces in the universe. We have agreed to disagree.

      • Yeah, can do on the ATD. I have no problem with that, just my own little take on the world. As for being focused on TBB series; it started as a discussion with a friend who commented that I spent too much time focused on the past. There are some things that still make me bleed years after the fact, TBB is just one way of trying to stop the flow or at least heal the wound.

        “The radio remains silent” – I have no choice here. I respect the person in question enough that I would not do something this person does not want me to do. Whether it is for the best is immaterial. Loyalty is important, no matter what.

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