More Admin Announcements

Aloha all, and thanks for tuning in to The Fool’s Back Pocket, the place for poetry, prose, free-writing and other linguistic adventures chronicling asinine reality & temporary accomplishment. We here at Foolish Poetic Consolidated Industries are proud to open the new TFBP Facebook page. Simply log into Facebook and search for and send over a friend request. For now, the content is the same, but I have a ton of ideas on new projects, new explorations, and new stories about how they let the crazies just wander around out here.

Let me thank you again for reading, it is the highest possible compliment you can pay me. It is always appreciated, and look for new developments in the future including a section on literature and music reviews as well as more of what you’ve come to expect from TFBP. Please address all complaints, concerns, criticisms, or other such commentary to Hope to see y’all on FB and I look forward to sharing more of the insanity that leaks out from under the dirty side of life. Until we meet again,


2 Responses to “More Admin Announcements”

  1. Here and there?

    • I think the title of the song is “Here, There & Everywhere” but if your asking if both spots will be the same, the answer is yes to begin with but I will develop some individualized shit as time goes by (and presuming the creek don’ rise.)

      Plus, you don’t HAVE to do anything. Anyone can do whatever they want. That’s the point. Just giving myself an ego boost and have some ideas. It goes well with my holy jeans and cigarettes. Which I need right now.

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