for the freshman readers…


let’s go crazy, but
not batshit-crazy.
seeing the whole thing
from inside some tiny tube,
or feeling such lingering
after-effects like space-
brains all while
piling on ever more; a
fool’s hope for a breakthrough
i couldn’t begin to identify.

if it feels like we’re walking
on water, that’ll be wet sand;
semi-permeable footprints that
will fade with time. still; there
is something to such
multiples; strength in
numbers… even when numbers
are invisible ghosts
& far too kind.

so when i say bruised & broke,
it’s secret code. when
i bark up meaningless trees
or tear parts of myself off
for closer inspection; it’ll be
abundantly clear-cut.
we’ll know well enough
to sabotage whatever progress
means; i’m not worried about

sunken into old jewelery,
degraded imagery, precise surgical
misadventures & such. not
a damn thing. what scares
the shit out of me is
same as ever;
what happens next?


No dedication. Inspired (or impaired) by mixing stupidity and bravado over the course of 12 hours of excellent living and Leonard Cohen. Time to duck responsibility; besides, it’s not like any of this is on purpose. Like Leonard Cohen said, “you told me again, you prefer handsome men but for me you would make an exception.” (chelsea hotel #2) That’s what feeling right is really about; incorporation without summary judgments. Doesn’t ever really make much sense, for what it’s worth.

8 Responses to “for the freshman readers…”

  1. “What happens next?” The fun question. Nicely done …
    Thanks for a good read.

  2. gonna send this to my mom

  3. what happens next? i will know when it gets to now and by the time i think about it, it will be the past…smiles. an intriguing read, nice one shot

  4. I like the real, edgy feel of it. I think it’s modern in the sense you’re reaching for a new way to say the same things and making them work. Good work. Thanks, Gay @beachanny

  5. “semi-permeable footprints that
    will fade with time” love that line and how you empahsize your point through the question at the end. Nice One Shot!

  6. It wouldn’t be nearly as good if it DID make perfect sense. Swell One Shot!

  7. Thanks all for the comments. Sorry to be so late with the appreciation, just been a crazy week. I will enjoy reading through all of your poems as always. Thanks again,


  8. Seemingly random experience – that’s how it read to me, in its playful rambling fashion -makes for an interesting read.

    Not your best work that I’ve read, but there’s some of your talent shine to it.

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