last of what i have to say tonight…

obsequious remoulade

i started moving early, dull with
no reason to parse detail;
it’s early &
whatever burnt remnants remain
are holding back ash-gray guts,
even with sunlight through windows
turned all the way up.

it’s boots the whole morning
through. it’s fantasy of movement;
supple solids.
i know all about
the taste of honey,
here i am all salt.

i stopped moving sometime
later; thinking back
too long & putting too much
effort into talking
to all the wrong people.
tied back into eyelash-rationale
& such common fantasy was
exhaustion. satisfaction with
my utilitarian effort was enough;
i don’t always need to win.

having run off of ‘pheta-mean-adrenaline
just long enough to get home,
eggs & sausage was more than
enough to sate any leftover urges
to stymie world peace. every-
one on earth is safe,
for another night; or at least,
exactly as i found ’em.


Dedicated to a muse who won’t let me stop writing. She knows who she is and her magic machinations, while forever unseen by me are always appreciated. Inspired by a fuck-ton of well wishes and greetings as well as a past muse’s odd question on the first night of Fall.

7 Responses to “last of what i have to say tonight…”

  1. i really like your style. the ending of this was just perfect. glad you came across my page, so i could come across yours in turn. adding you to my blogroll.

    • Well then, all I can do is add you to mine. I very much like your style as well. Always happy to meet another poet. Thanks for reading, rest assured I’ll be returning the favor.


  2. signed .............bkm Says:

    well your current muse is serving you well along with eggs and sausage –that is a good thing…I would keep this one around…she seems to be good for you – tho that is what we usually have the hardest time dealing with….great write….bkm

    • That made me smile! Sorry to giggle, just that I’m not seeing anyone and I would never date one of my four muses. I have been very lucky in that regard, as for me a muse is inspirational. If there is any attraction, it is based on that inspiration, NEVER (at least for me) on physicality.

      What can I say but sometimes you gotta cook the eggs & bacon for yourself. And yeah, you are totally correct, we have the hardest time with exactly that! Yet we keep trying to find what we are looking for. Thanks so much for reading!


  3. Fine piece. Inspired wrap at the end. Nice!


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