Re-Post for Jingle’s Thursday Poets Rally


Re-posting for Jingle’s Thursday Poet’s Rally

holler down

just after three and i’m beyond
caring how good i feel. tying
a stranger’s glove around
my throat, tightly wound makes
breathing difficult, but what should
i expect in this swamp? all by my own
volition chained to hand grenades
swapping vertical for horizontal.
certainly movement;
by now uncontrolled.

i finished kicking around purgatory
in the flash of an off chance phone call.
planned meetings and such,
exchanges. the execution of business.
finally something i know how to do.
today we’re in the business
of feeling better, avoiding
citi bank in the clouds
and pigs on the streets. i swear,
i hadn’t any clue
it would be so simple.
only the logic of De Quincey
is to blame.

acidic aftertaste aside, there’s cuban music
like Scott Kirby heard on his teak-boat trip
for purposes of mood. shifty light,
flashing LED’s, textures for feeling
sentience and invincibility. no need
for a “next move.” this one’s
doing fine by me.

i rescued my friend from behind
thick glass via a strangers
cool grasp. liberation from Descartes
feeding synergy within the experience.
i found a savior because i needed to;
extrapolate the afternoon search for meaning
based on that.

later on i’ll shuffle back
to the sunlight & watch
shadows dance on asphalt.
if the show ain’t inside,
by process of elimination,
it’s gotta be outside.
happiness is such simplicity.
even afternoon saviors
arrive in small bottles.
reinforcements turned the tide.
simple as that.

33 Responses to “Re-Post for Jingle’s Thursday Poets Rally”

  1. […] 22, 2010 at 8:34 pm Awesome, and that makes it easy. Sorry, I suck at the internet. Link is Will be commenting away, thanks for the […]

  2. reinforcement turned the tide,
    simple as that,

    love it.

  3. your participation is of great encouragement to us.
    have fun reading!

    • has been an excellent experience and getting to read so much new poetry has given me a million ideas for future poems. This is a great setup you have, thanks for the inclusion!


  4. A lot of excellent pointed little comments. Rather complex. Requires more than one read.That’s a good thing. One line that stands out – “I found a savior because I needed to.” Nice work that.

    Happy Rally! Mine will be up tomorrow …

    Poem on …

    • Awesome, thanks for the comment. It is one of the more symbolic poems I have written, so I guess you can read it many ways. I always prefer multiple possibilities to single scenarios. Anything could be possible. It usually is.

  5. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    Wow. Amazing read, you gave me a lot to digest and I love that.

  6. like TNL says, lots to digest here.. thanks for sharing the read..!

    Rally Week 29, My Poem

  7. penelopephoebe Says:

    Wow, an unexpected gem. I love it.

  8. i would like to hear this one read actually…afternoon saviors in small bottle…

    • I’ve never read any of my poems aloud, so that was a pretty bitchin’ comment. Gives me a few ideas & some shit to look into. Thanks kindly for reading and the suggestion. Always enjoy your site and will swing by to read and comment later today when I get some more time.


  9. This one need re-reads and I enjoyed reading it… very well done…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay – sharing a verse every day about love, longing and life

  10. The last stanza just re- iterated it.. very well crafted- since morning I have been wondering about your Blog- name. Here, I eventually come after you came to read me..
    Happy Rally Dude..

    • Well, thanks for reading; and my blog name is kind if an in-joke I suppose you could say. I’d explain it more, but it would just ruin the mystique… hahahahahaha. Anyhow, like I said, thanks for reading, and for writing.


  11. ok.. so i lost it in middle .. but the closing para, well that i could relate to .. wonder why ! one of the few thoughtful poetry i have ever read !

    • Thanks for the compliment and for reading. Always appreciated. The middle of this poem is perhaps muddled; it’s about feeling safe when you obtain the backup you seek, but more than that. Sometimes it isn’t easy to obtain backup, catch my drift?

  12. Wow I love your writing style; so easy to read!

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  13. Someone Is Special Says:

    I loved it totally…

    Happy Rally…

    Rhyming Waters

    –Someone Is Special–

  14. “What should I expect in this swamp?” Love the demeanor and voice of the narrator. Made me smile.

    Grateful for your words and your comment on my Rally poem. Enjoy your rally!

  15. I can only describe this as gritty and real. It is very unlike other poems I have read. I am impressed.

    • Thanks, that is literally the kind of comment that makes my day. My whole identity as a poet is wrapped up in being as different from everyone else as possible. Thanks for the grin, much appreciated!


  16. Hello there, C.F.!

    Love your spontaneity and movement
    in this piece! You just let it all
    hangout in all the right places.

    It starts like Dostoevsky,
    and ends like a Kerouac. Well done!

    Nice to meet you! Peace, UT

  17. have fun today!
    Thanks for the kind words in my post…

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