the butterfly bitch part five…

hysterical romance

“am i supposed to make a science
of knowing what you want?” is
retrogressive dominance still an option?

all the same, its got my blood up;
might say i knew it was coming (lie.)
do you know what bullet-proof means?
(it was roughly here that my plan
of attack fell apart. knew it was a piss-poor
plan; i was dependent upon my invincibility.)

her first fucking tear burnt instantly
through the floor, having made
a mistake by trying to catch it.
(instant decision): keep attacking or back off,
play horrified at that stranger
pulling on my damn vocal cords?
violently-dejected tones ensue. internal
scars be damned, right? at some
point, you gotta commit.

even today, i wouldn’t swear
that’s how it all started, or
ended, depending on your timescale.
it’s less tangible violence; can’t be sure
any one argument starts a war
or shatters a camels back.

with no memory to lean back
on, everything still to come
seems like hysterical romance.


This is what happens post cleanup after an all night session. Fuck, just knowing what is to come in parts 6 & 7 seems like it weighs a thousand pounds. I’d question the sanity of doing this publicly, but I think I’ve made it clear that my faith in sanity is equal to my faith in anything else. Poems wait to be written; that’s just how it is.

7 Responses to “the butterfly bitch part five…”

  1. love romance thinking…
    beautiful work!

  2. linked your poem in,
    let me know after you have visited a minimum 18 poets from the participants list or perfect poet award winner list …
    have fun!

  3. Lovely…your words.

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