can you get benny without the jets?.?.?.

it can be done

i made a late appearance
at a party of one;
already so far gone
i was considering
leaving as quickly
as i’d come.

why was i the only one
with anything to say?
being a good listener
might be kindly, but
it does not help those
of us lookin’ for advice.

all four walls speak
in unison. “you
can’t go it alone.”

they’re wrong.
it just requires all
of your
guts. & i

haven’t met anyone
that stupid


A lot can happen with a fist full of cold iced-tea, straws, lighters, cigarettes and a copy of “Pleasure’s Of The Damned.” Is it a tribute? No, just an oblique reference and grateful sentiment. Chinaski was the greatest, you know. (Bad pun?)

8 Responses to “can you get benny without the jets?.?.?.”

  1. Kellie Moore - Elmore Says:

    Love your blog! Cant wait to have you become a part of the Undead Poets! 🙂

    • Bitching, can’t wait to join in the fun and games. I will have to check out your site, I am always in the market for excellent poetry. Thanks for the compliment, looking forward to posting on Undead.


  2. This does hit upon a raw feeling that a Life Is Beautiful mindset helps with – as here there are a couple more months of four walls to live within.

    • See, that may be one point we disagree on. Life is not beautiful; beauty is judgment call defined by your particular circumstance along with your reactions (voluntary or not) to them. Life is existence, and existence is…what we have. There is beauty IN life, but life itself simply means the thinker exists. Beauty can be created, is often spoken of and rarely touched, but it is not life itself. (Commence commenting on my bad attitude towards life…gahhhhhh!) Of course, being a cynic, even a hopeful cynic, might have something to do with that.


  3. not even gonna wet my feet in the philosophical commentary going on round here. 🙂 but it’s a damn fine poem. love the sword-sharp wordplay in that first verse.

    • Yeah, I can be like that at times. Let’s just say I have a very odd outlook on life. Comes from too much time to think I suppose. Thanks for the compliment, I dig on your poetry. Give me more to read and I will always return the favor.


  4. I enjoyed the poem and dug the message. Welcome to the group of four, though I don’t even know if I am yet 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed the poem, and to be honest, I didn’t even know if I was in yet either. Kinda figured an email would show up, but guess it is time to write & comment on our new group. Thanks for stopping through, I’ll be returning the favor post breakfast.


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