dry-foot philosophy…

she was not impressed

lascivious is a wet-word
going nowhere.

mistaken judgments
aren’t forbidden.
(the balls on this kid;
around here it’s almost

it is a vile philosophy;
it comes with me to bed
six nights a week. you
should give it time
to sort itself out.
it bleeds occasionally?
don’t you?
(i warned you, it’s a vile

it’s almost true,
admittedly. you won’t
wet your feet;
but neither will i. one
slightly deranged philosophy
is not a good excuse.

i haven’t hurt a
single-person in years;
too much effort
& besides;
it doesn’t mean


Much like this poem was inspired by a visitors picture, the poem you just read was inspired by a comment from someone else a day or two ago (not sure, don’t remember time.) It gave me a good chance to imitate myself, which is supposedly considered flattery by some, and by which I am flattered. On the other hand, just to indemnify myself should it ever become an issue, it’s all part of the same joke. Next you’re gonna tell me this is all real. Then we’ll laugh. Fuck it, I’m not waiting.

27 Responses to “dry-foot philosophy…”

  1. Ah-ha! You have quite a sense of humor! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I don’t care about getting my feet wet…
    as long as I don’t wet the bed in the Mean-time.

  2. love your wit and humor…

    • You know, if someone uses the right words in talking to me, I am almost always able to turn it into a poem. Now, if I could turn it into a good poem every time, now we would playing with Nintendo. Thanks for the eyeballs, appreciative as always.


  3. The last stanza was really intriguing – too much effort to hurt another.

    • Everyone has their own moral & ethical philosophy. Mine is very simple. Don’t hurt anyone else and everything else will probably be OK. The lines that you reference are meant as a counter-point to what seems to drive so many poets; the cliched angst & hurt. There is another side to all of that, one largely unexplored. That is the one who hurts someone else.

      Thanks much for the compliment, glad you were intrigued.


  4. have to say, it was the last verse which most resonated with me, too. intriguing, also, was that tag “Lost children of the bokonists”; sent me wiki-ing and even after still scratching my head…

    • I’m sure in the wiki’ing (sp?) you must have come upon the inspiration for the line, the mythical Bokonists of Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle.” That book has had a HUGE influence on my life, both in terms of philosophy and writing style. If you have never read Kurt Vonnegut, I would recommend you check out anything he has written, but try either “Cat’s Cradle” or “Slaughterhouse Five” first. Both are brilliant satire, really as good as writing can get.

      The last lines were put together as a counter-point to the rest of the poem, see above comment. Perhaps as a further clarification, I should say that it is a comment on the idea of growing up ad realizing all of our actions have effects on others. We all claim to be “grown ups” (well, I don’t, but most everyone will at some point) yet in poetry, as in life, there is a sort of constant hurt that each individual nurses amongst the group. Simply opening up your mind to empathy and it becomes sadly easy to see the high degree of real pain in the world. I wanted the reader to give this careful thought after reading. From all of the comments, it would seem to have caught the attention of at least a few, so that is a good start as far as I’m concerned.

      Thanks for reading, hope this makes it easier to contextualize the ending.


  5. wow,
    how divine you are…
    hurting others shall be the last thing one decent folk does…

    beautiful poem!

  6. Superb. Grit. The raw. My kind of shit, man. And a gentle sentiment beneath.. this really appeals. No flowery crap, no love-poetry cliche. I like it all, but the opening blank couplet is my favourite part:

    lascivious is a wet-word
    going nowhere.

    What a word, and it sure is a wet one. Bravo


    Luke @ WordSalad

    • Thanks kindly. I don’t do (at least in my eyes) flowery, gee aw shucks i’m so cute kind of shit. There is plenty of other people that fill that niche.

      Sincerely, you are far too kind. Appreciate the eyeballs, as always. I try to post as much as possible, so check back in from time to time, there is usually new shit to read. Thanks again,


  7. signed .............bkm Says:

    love how you pull the whole piece full circle -going nowhere – to much effort….nice…bkm

  8. hahahaha.. amazing wit and humor.. enjoyed reading you a much..:D

    • Glad you enjoyed it. I love it when I can use humor in my poetry because there is so much (un)intentional humor in life itself. The original comment got me thinking and from there to here this seemed like the best way to go. Thanks for reading.


  9. Ooohh..tight one! Vile philosophy you say? True true… that’s the way it is!!
    Enjoyed the slight sarcasm and dark(ish) humor here.. A super reflective piece! At least, it got me thinking like crazy!

    Thank you for sharing this at poetry potluck!! It was a treat alright!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • No humor is better than dark humor. Seems more realistic to me; we laugh because at best, that’s all we can do and at worst, it tells our tormentors to go bother someone else for a while. Thanks for reading, I will be sure to check out your entry.


  10. H2O buddy Says:

    This seems to show wisdom/maturity gained over time. “They” (Who are they?)say that the most creative people retain some of the “child” in themselves – so I hope “aw shucks” isn’t off your bell curve entirely. A total cynic almost begs for the opposite reaction “thou protests too much”. I lIked this one very much by the way.

    • I like to think of myself the same way George Carlin used to put it; I am personally hopeful but a cynic about everything else. I’d like to think of myself as childlike in many ways (unfortunately not in age, but what can ya do? lol) Anyhow, thanks again for reading and all the compliments. They are very much appreciated. Take care,


      • H2O buddy Says:

        George Carlin – enlightening and funny at the same time. One hilarious routine had to do with an idea for a participatory show. The crowd would cheer on as the contestants jumped to their deaths to win small appliances. Just where does it all end?

      • “Just where does it all end?” That is the exact question I ask myself every day. Sometimes I am hopeful, other times I am greatly depressed by the sadness I cannot change or help others with; Where does it end? Hopefully someplace happy where we all can get what we need. Other than that, I don’t know. What do you think?


  11. H2O buddy Says:

    Personally, I find it very encouraging that you have a heart. Simple things make me happy. On a large scale, as a country we must be doing something right as people in distress continue to come. A person may act in such a way as to keep the scales tipped in the right direction. Groups of peole have a larger impact. Hopefully, the world will be on the same page at some point – and not a page from “1984”. I do sometimes worry about the food chain reducing down to insects and us before we get to that point though. I read earlier on that you had a non-malignant tumor removed from your back. Do you ever have that checked? Sometimes if even a few cells were left it may grow back. Enjoying this late night chat as I have a couple of vacation days off – getting some end of season tasks done.

    • Congrats on the vacation time. Nothing beats getting shit cleaned up so life can move foreward somewhat progressively, one would hope. As to the tumor, no, it was not removed from my back by from my ankle. As far as i know, it was non-malignant, but like you said, that shit can always come back. Whatever happens, happens.

      I loved that line “Personally, I find it very encouraging that you have a heart.” Made me smile because i was talking to a buddy of mine this afternoon about how both of us tend to be very rough to the outside world but both of us are kind of softies when it comes to people we care about. And this is coming from 2 guys that have made a living getting fucked over every single way possible in the past 3 years. Sob story later, way too deep into the night to feel bad. Like I said, you gotta make do with what ya got at any given time. So lemme ask you, what else do you read aside form starving unpublished poets? Certainly there must be a method to your selections of literature. I am always honored when anyone takes the time to read my writing. It is the deepest gratitude I can have for anyone willing to spend a while reading what I bleed to produce. For that, thank you, though I am curious what else you read. Take it easy friend, it’s 3:30 a.m. here, and I can’t sleep again. Somethings never change. read my new poem, I just posted it about 10 minutes ago. Lemme know what you think. Thanks again for reading, nice to to know I’m not screaming into the wind again. Glad you liked it.


      • H2O buddy Says:

        When I grew up my parents loved books so I learned very early to love reading. I was a bit of a bookworm, probably read more books before I was twenty than most people read in a lifetime – even read in bed when I wasn’t supposed to – used a microscope light underneath the bedding and charred the sheets doing this. Read all of the great authors pretty much. Recently though, my focus has been has been on biographies and history for personal reasons.

      • That is awesome, I have always been huge fan of reading from an early age. I read pretty much everything. Of you have any good books to read, check out the Goodreads.com link and we cam trade lit suggestions. Goodreads has a really easy setup and lets you share both books to be read and reviews. Let me know if you get on goodreads, if you friend my profile we can def. share some lit Thanks for the comments, as well as reading. Sorry it took so long to get back, been a crazy day today…


      • H2) buddy Says:

        I was painting myself (pantry) as it was raining outside. Thank you for the website info!

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