surprises at night…

useless volume

there’ll be no recovery
if we’ve already
reached normality.

my addiction is itself
abnormally dependent
on calm; denied by this
place an easy silence,
contorted cacophony
wrecks the room.

nowhere else i could
withdrawal into; no
restive quiet here.

my desperation for calm
buys only volatility;
nothing stops or
notices. nobody
is everybody here, &
everything is timed-out against
rushed orgasms.

being too dumb
for retreat to be a
viable option, i’ll
need to be all patience;
while denied my fixative

no place else
to go & besides,
sooner or later;
it’ll pass.

2 Responses to “surprises at night…”

  1. Kellie Moore - Elmore Says:

    You may have a definite intention for what this piece is supposed to evoke, however I was carried through many different yet, delightfully disturbing emotions reading this. Could just be my mood at the moment. I find myself in total agreement and wanting to say “amen” lol! I have been so consumed in the loneliness this brings to my spirit. I have done the searching as well. I relate. You are such a talent. I look forward to reading more from you. Maybe I will learn something! 🙂 bravo!

    • First – Thanks for the compliments. Way too kind. Second, the flux of emotion on this piece was orchestrated to give the reader an idea of what its like to fly through a million reactions to one small, insignificant problem; except that small problem dominates the narrator because it underlies literally everything else he sees/does. Again, thanks for the compliments, and if I teach you something, and you will teach me something, we can both be better poets for the efforts. Sounds like a good damn deal to me. (Though seriously, you are way too kind.)


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