mutual appreciation society…

constructive criticism ’74

promised sharp metal,
gun colored & heavy;
promised all knives sharpened
for real damage. an
added bonus; i’d be required
to cut & be cut with
the same knives.

all is supposedly fair under
sharpened blades;
slicing everything they touched
every direction they moved.

all that we need is one person
to billy-club even one little line
into powder & fragments;
should it be me that begins?
so easily sure of correspondence
i’m wearing down the mailbox
guessing at answers.

it’s only crazy if you laugh
while it’s happening; i think
all the London poets secretly
know that.

some go as far to hint without
revealing any straight dope
broadsides; all the while
pushing the idea that much harder.
i admire such efforts;
they remind me there’s real
masochists amongst us.

distracted epiphany, gladdened to
see eye to eye, blades appear
so beautiful glinting in the sun,
sharpened & ready to work.


Dedicated to the truth telling brigade, and inspired by a conversation between two independent thinkers trying to cross an ocean by manipulating ones and zeroes. Poets should never communicate via binary code, but I think the gist of what was said got through. Be on the lookout, the Butterfly Bitch part six flies out tonight.

2 Responses to “mutual appreciation society…”

  1. Yessir I feel that. You got it right. Cross the Atlantic with some honesty and it don’t sting if ya see it’s the greatest gift you can be given. Fuck the MASs

    • You know the funny thing is I think this poem disproves entirely the whole issue we were fighting about the other day. Thick skin is such a bonus at times. What else ya gonna fuckin do, right?

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