blueberry morning show on random play…

sweet blueberry & the random play-list

sweet blueberry scented air & girls from
Heart singing ’bout some magic man.
i’m instantaneous laughter; fall-on-the-
’cause i know the magic man;
& he hates that fucking song.

sweet reeking wetter-blueberry than
blueberry’s ever been. Cream
guitars tellin’ ‘tales of brave ulysses’ &
me still belly laughs-on-the-
’cause i met Ulysses & he didn’t
say a fuckin’ word about any
of this to me.

sweet blueberry flowing rivers
around the room; i can reach out,
grab it/smell it/taste it…
Wonder behind it, chiming in
“until i reach higher ground.”
can you laugh yourself-off-of-the
struck stupid laughter; gales & hoots
& peels of laughter
screaming laughter
breathing laughter
spitting laughter.

bucketfuls of blueberry-fleshed
laughter & Terry Reid
would sing the next song.

Dedicated to Super Lungs. You almost made the morning’s random playlist. Inspired by the following:

Heart “Magic Man” (which sucks)
Cream “Tales Of Brave Ulysses” (fuckin’ perfect)
Stevie Wonder “Higher Ground” (RT, RP.)
Terry Reid “To Be Treated Rite” (fuckin’ perfect)

(If i broke copyright or something, sue me. You can have all the money this poem is expected to generate, somewhere between 0 and 1 cents if experience can be trusted.)


3 Responses to “blueberry morning show on random play…”

  1. Yeah, but “i know the magic man;
    & he hates that fucking song” is priceless!

  2. love your imagination on this…
    beautiful job.

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