’cause someday i wanna be a poet…

the gang’s all here

slept depraved nights
to pellet rifle mornings;
no choice to make. when
fallin’ backward into Bogart
& a whistle
on the summer
drive-in screen;
what else can there be?

gathering dark &
domesticated intuition
submit to the great unknown.
only preparation a
skill-saw education for
one-time humor;
“the northwest-pacific is
no place to be.” yeah…
it might be laughter.

partway back, deleterious
impossible elocution.
so much more;
all too human &
out for blood.

tangled lines,
endless laughter,
halfway home; &
this ain’t s’posed to happen;
i’m coppin’ it sweet
while you can’t remind me,
why this a good idea.

calm down ditch-dose-critter;
Trowell made his great escape
from notoriety and
maturity. he’s as fine as always;
we’ll be too. besides,
i heard he sent
apologies to that
blond with an english accent.

too much tellin’ it straight
around here;
if you ask me. even
dancin’ on the bar,
she always wrote & sang
so well.

Too tired to dedicate this to the 1000 people or so who had a hand in inspiring different lines of this poem. Too late to say more than thanks to everyone for the inspiration even if you have no idea what this is about.

8 Responses to “’cause someday i wanna be a poet…”

  1. another beautiful piece…
    well done!

  2. Interesting poem

  3. There is an unsettling quality to your poetry and I suspect that’s how you plan it. Good work.

    • You have a good eye for thematic development! I like to use unsettling imagery to illustrate the tangential connection between emotion and expectation. I feel very strongly that this helps give my poetry a more stark feeling. Thanks for the visit and the compliment, both appreciated. I enjoy reading your poetry as well; you have a masterful way of composing verse and playing with language. Very enjoyable.


  4. I also agree with liv2write about the unsettling imagery but like you say, it gives your work a stark feeling and it was a well structured write. Thanks so much for linking with Potluck. xx

    • I think each of us develop our own voice based on everything from our life experiences to our philosophy to the books, poetry, and other forms of artistic expression we are exposed to or produce. I realize my method of writing poetry is a little different from what you are likely to find on other blogs, but I work very hard (as I assume all poets & writers do)to express myself in a way that I hope all readers of my work find interesting and different.

      Sorry to give such a long answer, but it is a subject near & dear to my heart. Thanks as always for reading, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the comments.


  5. penelopephoebe Says:

    Nice, edgy feel to your poem!

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