our hero laughs watching her learn unaccording to plan…

is that for real?

i never
can tell
if its humor,
or cruelty
when i’ve
another person.
plenty of room
to waver;
not every situation
is similar.
for instance;
when arrows fly,
it can look 100%
certain to strike
some other asshole
until just
before it
slices through


I will never tell who inspired this poem. Your secret is safe with me. (Great reply though. That was seriously hysterical. Even if I’m misinterpreted, still really motherfucking funny. If the answer turns out to be cruel instead of funny, do you think he’ll ever “get it?”) What, too obscure? Can’t please everyone, luckily for me…

6 Responses to “our hero laughs watching her learn unaccording to plan…”

  1. I suppose if you blog and publish words publicly, you’re always going to affect someone. Don’t always want to be reaching out to everyone though :p Great work x

    • Thanks for swingin’ through. I guess you could say it relates back to me own curiosity regarding my impact on the world and if there is ever any way of knowing. My usual reaction is just to laugh at myself because anything else just leads to more questions. Always good to hear from ya. Take it easy duder.


      • Tell me about it lol. Had a really bad experience this summer, but I’ll tell that tale another time lol xx Nice to see and read you hun 😉

  2. SOrry to hear about your bad experience, that’s a bummer. Thought about putting it into a poem? (Sorry, not my place to suggest something like that. Anyhow yeah drop by anytime; no matter what else, there is always poetry. I try to keep that in mind when the shit hits the fan (as it so often does.) What’s that old saying? Oh yeah; ‘may you live in interesting times.’ Take care of yourself!


  3. H2O buddy Says:

    Ignorance is bliss for some. It would never occur to them to whip themselves.

  4. i see what you did there

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