got nothin’

got nothing

two days coming down;
straight knife, sharp tip.
gonna be bad this
time. this drill
hurts plenty; just been
long ‘nough to consider
chill-n’-sweat-n’-ache an
old-friend come callin’.

deep hunger for
hours. there’ll
be no rest;
no chance to
wake stronger
without sleep.
red-eye desperation;
something bad is comin’ on.

what’s to learn
living this experience? tell
someone i seen enough;
heard enough;
felt all i can take;
didn’t learn a damn thing
‘cept this one-man downside
dopeshow keeps grindin’.

gotta accept a clean-
getaway ain’t happenin’.
whatever else slides
down, no way out
‘cept to take that
whip crack ’til this
show ends & everybody
is ok again.


This is a rewrite of a poem I wrote in April of this year called “Ain’t Got A Thing.” The poem is dedicated to those who follow their convictions no matter the cost. Fools are always on the side of the under-dog. Anyone could root for Goliath. It doesn’t take any guts to stand in the middle of a crowd looking just like everyone else.

cross posted to Undead Poets Society.

3 Responses to “got nothin’”

  1. vivid and cool,
    Glad that everyone is okay again in the end..
    hope to see you tomorrow at poetry potluck…

    • Very happy you enjoyed it. I played with the ending for sometime because I wanted it somewhat realistic given the gravity of the poem; figured if the narrator waited long enough everything would be OK and might as well tell the reader that. Can you repost hte link to Poetry Potluck? I have something new I’m working on, hope to have it posted tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks for the visit and kind words as always.



    welcome to Rally week 30,
    a most 3 poems are accepted within 7 days…
    Happy Thursday!

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