drive 29…

drive 29

esprit de corps in
Marse Robert’s Virginia;
post-doc-poet stopped by
to laugh & point & scream & dig;
local hero telling me
“keep up the good work.”
considering the shape
i’s in, thain’t
a choice.
gotta celebrate the win.

off to drive 29
’cause everything felt right
on a good day.
every word a slot machine
paying out kindness
often enough to keep me
coming back for more.
(admiring kindness
always been my
weakest strength.)

used to drive blacksburg
out towards radford past
water-treatment plants
on Appalachian mountain tops. smelled
like the place had no future, &
i loved every curve on
every girl or road i could get
my hands on.

route 460 was
easy ’nuff to
follow all the way to John
Denver country one way or
past Audie Murphy Mountain
on the other.

route 29 runs by
my house in don’go,
i wouldn’t bring it up,
but when the bandits
ain’t paying & its dark
n’ all’s left is a
tank of gasoline;
it’s time
to seize
whatever you can find
and go.

drive 29 south
& hope this fever breaks.


Dedicated to my friends still maintaining the magic in Blacksburg.

Inspired by two comments from two poets who shall remain nameless though each saved me from darkness on a particular day. I was glad to be able to help one of them in return. The other needs no assistance from me, but gets one more fan (me) of their fantastic poetry. You should read it, there’s a link to it around here somewhere, or better yet, buy their book ’cause I’m broke and will have to wait.

27 Responses to “drive 29…”

  1. belladonna23 Says:

    wow, i love this one’s story.

  2. Thanks, this one kinda plopped out whole needing only minor revision before posting. I was pretty happy with the results. Thanks again for reading, I dig on your poetry as well.


  3. how are you!This was a really excellent blog!
    I come from roma, I was fortunate to discover your website in google
    Also I get much in your website really thanks very much i will come again

  4. An interesting drive.

  5. I like the flow of this. My favorite bit is:

    i loved every curve on
    every girl or road i could get
    my hands on.

    Good images.

  6. love it…went to college in radford…all these roads are familiar to me…just up 460 now…nice one shot!

  7. moondustwriter Says:

    The roadway that passes by and we wave at a memory, a friend, or a situation. I’m glad you were pulled from the darkness.

    Nice One Shot my friend

    Moon smiles

  8. Makes me want to go for a drive somewhere I haven’t been in a while. Also enjoyed your inventive wordplay and the recollection of the drive from Blacksburg. Nice One Shot!

    • Thanks man, glad you enjoyed the poem. I always dig swinging through your page and reading your poetry. 1SW is a great way to make friends with other poets and to share all the great poetry floating around the web. Thanks for stopping by, I owe ya visit soon,


  9. Thanks all, glad the poem got such a fine response.

    @ ben – That was one of my favorite lines aswell.

    @ brian – You still in the NRV? I miss the whole area.



  10. I enjoyed it..thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

    • Glad to see your sig again! Thanks for swinging through TFBP. Later today I will have to swing by and check out your site again & see what you been writing since I last checked in. Talk to you later,


  11. love it – the different routes our life takes – love the slot machine reference and the John Denver reference….I have driven across the country at different times and it all hits home…the “like a place that has no future”…have been there too…really like the flow of this…bkm

    • Really appreciate the kind words! Last Saturday I was driving around town doing errands and got to thinking about how much easier it used to be to “hit the road” and how entwined in my various (mis)adventures the whole thing was. Glad you liked the poem; I have a few other ideas in mind to work on later today, plus lots of commenting to do when I make my rounds on the poetry blog-arena later today. Love your writing btw, thanks for the visit.


  12. Liked the “feel” of this piece. The journey and the connections; pretty much what life’s about. Thanks for the ride. Gay @beachanny

    • Glad you enjoyed the poem. The symbolism & imagery of ‘Drive 29’ made it as much fun to write as to read! Thanks for reading, can’t wait to return the favor tomorrow when I make my rounds through the poetry side of the blogosphere. Thanks again,


  13. An interesting story for One Shot… glad you took the road back.

  14. So many quotable line in this tale-verse.

    I especially love these lines:
    “(admiring kindness
    always been my
    weakest strength.)”

  15. Hey Crb i enjoyed the journey with you as i did your lines 🙂

  16. (admiring kidness is my weakest strength) – a great line in a great poem.

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