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It was one of those comments that felt like licking a razor-blade. Still, no surprise that the sheer amount of commentary would sooner or later kick back on me one way or another. While there was no intentional harm done, I’d be lying if I said the situation wasn’t left to rot on the side of the road as a warning to others. No reason to poke a hornet’s nest, and from the language used, it is clear that my own misinterpretation of what was required would be the simplest side of the equation to fix. Every so often, the precious clarity of anger (perhaps even rage!) can be shot through a slow moving target in ways that surprise everyone in attendance.

As always, I respect the wishes of the author in question. I have no stomach to fight over critique nor exegesis; just more semantic games. It’s clear the growling voice was angry enough to shoot without any kind of warning, which seems unwarranted, but understandable in the sense of quality control. It will be interesting to see if any response is forthcoming; my gut tells me there isn’t really enough to go on to start anything serious. Apologies were issued, retractions made, and with any luck my double vision will cloud my own memory enough to blot out the offending gesture. There are plenty of others; just not with that kind of particular talent. Admiration just isn’t enough these days.

With zero chance of anything other than a hastily retracted statement, there is no worry of observation or even loquacious joking around. Anything bearing that kind of tone affects me the same way a rattlesnake does; clear warning to stay the fuck away. Easy enough to abrogate, and not worth mentioning except to question which part of due respect was evinced, and in what manner. Finding out the limits is as good a start as any; there is a grudging respect for someone that concerned with a what was given over only as a comment, not a command. Provided I can remember which den to leave my commentary out of, nothing more, nothing less. Clear skies and smooth sailing. Same as ever but with a brand new urgency.

Spending great chunks of time commenting and breaking down various poets & poems seemed like a good idea at the time. If there was any doubt before my strict reproach, it was only that most commentary said little and offered less. Perhaps that is the way it must continue to be; the ratio of birds to parrots is large and getting larger. (That’s an obscure image. Odd.) Finding out that someone taught one of the more brilliant parrots the art of creative control was a bigger surprise than anything in the word choice. Now that the door has been kicked open, it relieves me of having to do anywhere near the volume of disassociation required to try and explain what I see when I’m perusing the buffet looking for something good.

For that, if nothing else, I guess I should be the one thanking you. Giving me such obvious and counter-intuitive advice leaves no room for mangled communication. Anything that makes life easier is always appreciated, and this is no different. If there is any truth to the proposition we can only know the effect we have on others through conscious movements & desires, it is a well earned lesson. In the same way the best revenge is too live well and forget the upside down repercussions, then I shall continue to enjoy fine poetry without having to worry about alerting a single soul. I can live with that. It isn’t like he’ll ever come back here (although there was one fine complimentary message sent a few days ago.) Far more likely I’m speaking to the wind and all the words broke off from meaning and remain harmless in the ethereal sense.

Thank you for the freedom to enjoy, the freedom to understand, and the illustration you offered me in response to an opinion qualified by a well earned compliment. Good to know I can still ruffle feathers being a good little boy and don’t always have to maintain such a rakish persona. Takes much of the pressure off, and that is something I always am in need of. To the poet convinced of only two choices; thanks for the amazing words. If it makes no sense, I think we’re actually quite simpatico, your brutality aside. No matter how easily you move that knife through a lung, the reaction is the same. You have talent and confidence enough to chew through my mind, now why not lavish the same vitriolic method into something useful? Nothing is ever what it seems, this compliment included.

I usually don’t dedicate prose, but there is no way this would ever have been written without the assistance of a solitary voice trying to cut me but missing the mark. He has been informed it will not happen again from my end, so I expect that is the end of the issue. I will keep watch; I expect big things from that pen. Thanks for the epilogue to the story; everyone likes to know how it comes out in the end and you made that abundantly clear, if nothing else.


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