three zany fun…

threes zany fun

i was wrong,
thinkin’ i lacked
tools to grabhold
of dark-poached hours.
checked my backpocket
‘n found
enough to

it was almost too easy.

Inspired by the song “16 Shells From A 30 Ought 6” by Tom Waits. French frying myself probably had something to do with it as well. Don’t judge me. Shit, talk about the magical mystery tour. The music was good. At least we can say that.

8 Responses to “three zany fun…”

  1. Thought provoking….loved the read my friendxxx

  2. H2O buddy Says:

    Your back pocket seems to be a good place to keep the tools you depend upon – always within reach!

    • Good to hear from ya H20! Felt like it had been a while since we last crossed paths, and am as always honored by your compliments. Glad you enjoyed the poem, hope all is well in your world,


      • H2O buddy Says:

        Thank you for your thoughts and sentiments – very much appreciated. You have been very busy haven’t you?

      • Yeah, at least 18 hours a day working on ym own poetry and commenting on as many others as possible. Total immersion in poetry time. If I am gonna find what I’m looking for I have to keep writing and meet as many other writers as possible. Thanks again for reaing; I’m still unsure if we ever met but I am eternally grateful for anyone who takes the time to read my poetry. Hope all is well,


  3. dark-poached hours. – ooh I wish I’d written that one, man. Great line. Short but damn straight shooting, fast paced, slick write. Almost too easy…

    • Yeah, I wrote that after having a bad reaction to a phone call and having emptied out one medicine chest in favor of another… “dark-poached hours” are those frightening times when you think you might have done too much, as the saying goes. Be more careful than I am sir, lest you not wake up after a night of research…”writing” can take a lot of out of you… Thanks for the compliment man, always glad to hear from you. Hope all is well,



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