back in the arms of cari…

back in the arms of cari

gettin’ back was
easy ’nuff;
beggin’, beseechin’
blanket remedy forgiveness
from your lips
& in your eyes;
torn from night’s
suffocating darkness.
sunrise will
smash apart
darknight; spilling sunlight
an easy-beauty
you alone can
sanctify me.

properly attended to,
given back my
keyhole optimism
with small victories quickly
forgotten except by you.
enough for
salvation iced-cold tea,
rubbed down by memories
of your
hands rebuilding
everything in me broken
by distance & happenstance.
i swear i’ll never
hurt you;
you are sunlight &
i’m cold wind &
freezing rain.

blocked by
your defensive posture,
i can never stop trying.
familiar psychedelia
& i’m a sweetheart
for your wet tongue.
record time escaping
foreplay for laughter;
linger on the sight;
you are welcome here
with me even when you
say this is our last time.

my anodized-skin was
assembled from parts of
rapturous beauty &
our last
exploration in
slick/sticky obsession.
chemical scenes played out,
riding your tongue
towards all those
golden promises
we couldn’t keep
together we fell short.
you haunt my folded
empty spaces.


Dedicated to a gorgeous woman who shall remain nameless but always loved. Inspired by a conversation on Saturday when I was told what all of this really means. Now I just want to know why. You’re pajamas on a stakeout, you’re Joe Henry’s hammer & your smile raises up degenerate poets to impossible grace. I want you to look at me like that & I’ll know every possibility on your tongue and there won’t be any other questions. (You always said I asked for the impossible. I thought that was why you liked me so much. Maybe it was.)

9 Responses to “back in the arms of cari…”

  1. H2O buddy Says:

    What timeless legendary love is all about I think!

  2. stunning imagery…
    lovely done!

  3. This one is a beauty… and specially since it comes from deep in heart suffering and yearing and longing… I loved it.
    I am going to nominate you for the Perfect Poet award…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

    • Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reading. Thanks for the nomination as well, truly appreciated. This week has been hectic but I am going to try to comment on everyones submission later tonight. In the meantime, thanks for the visit, always appreciate the compliments. Take care,


  4. Well done, what a great poem.

  5. I was drawn into the rhythm of this piece; it’s almost like it has a heartbeat. Thanks for sharing!

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