aesthetic melody;
metastasizing rhythm. call it
what it is;
the best of
what’s available.

saxophone gasoline &
oxygen guitars
hiss & crackle.
vocal harmony,
classic snap.

fire pot
circle music;
i can’t sing
or dance
i’ve come for the show.


15 Responses to “harmony…”

  1. metastasizing rhythm–wow! This poem is full of incredible metaphors. Well done, c-fool!

  2. I like it, how it flows, but I am not sure I understand it, lol.

    • I wasn’t sure how to answer this for a minute; took some time thinking and came up with this: The poem itself is about not always being able to get what you want but at the same time continuing to enjoy what comes. The last lines are meant to convey the idea that even if you can’t sing or dance there are still revenge but he’s on the shitlist,,,. Does that help at all? Let me know of you need further ckari

  3. I’m a musician. Totally relating to your words. It tumbles along like a great jam session! I’ll be back, definitely!

    Found you through Jingle, BTW, so give her a shout out! Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore

    • Come by any time. I have been playing around with some lyrical type stuff and at some point will post it up here and see if there is any interest in getting some music written for it as well. Very cool to meet you through Jingle, she keeps the whole poetry blogosphere up and running it seems. Great help to poets all over the world.

      At any rate, glad you dug what you read. I will check out your site and read through your work. Thanks again for the visit, hope all is well,


  4. yes, most def it did. Thanks

  5. H2O buddy Says:

    Liked your commentary – I’ll bet you will create some fabulous lyrical works. There definitely seems to be something lacking in much of the music being made today. You do have a way with words and wisdom too. Go knock their socks off!

    • Thanks, maybe later today I will see what I can put together and post something. Incidentally, there is some rhyming poetry on TFBP, but you’d have to dig through the archives to find it and most of it ain’t anything to brag about. As usual. hahahahaha


      • H2O buddy Says:

        RBy rhyming do you mean lyrical or is this commentary of another kind? Hmmm

      • Yes, there are a few attempts I have made at songwriting (without music, but there is a rhyme scheme and the standard verse/chorus arrangements.) Maybe it is time to try another one. I had an idea but haven’t done rhyme-scheme in a while because the sing/song nature of rhyme gets stuck ni my head and I have to shake it off before writing anymore free verse, which is my natural home in the world of poetry. Lemme know what you think if I post it, be very interested to see tour comments. Oh, and your other question about commentary if ‘another kind;’ I rarely write anything political or social. That can be good poetry, but I am not really a political or social activist in the poetic sense of the word. Just my take on it, not written in stone.


  6. rich and remarkable imagery..
    i hear your words speak.
    cool poetry.

  7. http://thursdaypoetsrallypoetry.wordpress.com/2010/10/08/the-perfect-poet-award-4-poets-rally-week-30/

    the perfect poet award for you…
    u can still attend rally week 3o, worry about commenting later…

    • I am still working on commenting but I will have a new poem up later tonight to show off the award and make a reccomendation for the award tomorrow when I finish commenting. Thanks kindly for the notice, it is much appreciated. Take care,


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