sunrise on the potomac…

sunrise on the potomac

slow shuffling indian summer sunrise;
jukebox sounds rescuing soul-windows
from the ink-stain
evening. first light an
unmistakeably welcome sight for those
exhausted night-eyes beginning
to take the color of
the surrounding dark.

uncountable, wind-kissed
gold streamers lengthen &
surround snarling dark dawn;
pockets of brilliant light
grow larger as the planet
turns to meet the sun.

after such an interminable
wait for daylight &
visible calm,
morning clarity boasts lustful
certainty for anything
easily hidden;
warmed & reassured in
one easy motion.

barely broke a sweat
displacing night;
i was happy
to have that kind of power
on my side
if only for a moment.

everything else would
have to come later.

Inspired by watching dawn break for the 4th time in 7 days. Finally think I got it. Dedicated to you know who. (What, you have to be talking to someone to dedicate a poem to them? Who makes these rules?)

10 Responses to “sunrise on the potomac…”

  1. this time i’m letting the obscure references in your categories/tags slide over my head like a shiny polyester blouse– your descriptions in this piece are just too consuming. i love that first verse, and then that ‘morning
    barely broke a sweat
    displacing night;’

    awesomely done.

    • Much appreciated. I mostly use categories and tags as ways to work jokes into the entry or just whatever other craziness is swamping my mind (there’s always something hahahaha) so I wouldn’t worry ’bout the tags all that much. Thanks for the compliments on the poem, means a lot on this one as I worked on it from 1am till 11am this morning trying to get the wording right. Trying to catch up on comments now which means I am due to check out your page and see what you have to say. Thanks again for reading. If you like weird references and obscure verbiage, this is a good place to go. Take it easy,


  2. H2O buddy Says:

    Your wording in this poem is very beautiful! May you enjoy and share music, light, and many slow shuffling Indian summers to come. Each day is a gift isn’t it?

    • Yes, each day is a gift (if it came w/o the back pain, I would be OK with that!) Thanks for the kind words, this was an interesting poem to write because of the heavy symbolism involved. Seeing the sky go from black to red to clear-blue and feeling how it could be tied into everything else happening as I waited on a long night to end. Just another strange night I suppose.

      So, how have you been? I talk too much, so now it’s your turn. Tell me something interesting, I’m exhausted and all out of words until I get home. It has been a day, there is no doubt about that.


  3. H2O buddy Says:

    I had an very vivid unusual dream a few years back. The stars in the universe surrounded me, it was as if I was spiritual energy in the midst of it all. The thought came to me that a single heart beat is the difference from “being” as we know it and not. Placed a diffrent perspective on life for me.

    Went to the GOODREADS page – some pretty interesting favorites you have there…
    Sometimes very good ideas do come from areas of interest other than your chosen field. For eample, I read that a heart surgeon who liked working on his motorcycle invented a special surgical tool much like a salad tossing device to lift the heart up. So during open heart surgery, white blood cells aren’t damaged and recuperation time is much shorter. Thomas Jefferson read a great deal, about everything – no one would say he was a perfect man, but look at his accomplishments.

    Working on completing some poems for someone special. As I wrote one, some other ideas came to mind – so now I have three that are in various stages of completion.

    I’ve taken another couple of days off – end of season tasks continue… with the assistance of better weather. Manual labor – satisfying, but not interesting to talk about I’m afraid.

    • That is pretty cool. Whenever you are done with the poems you are working on now you should share them. I’d love to read them at some point. Funny how starting on one poem can lead you to more; I’ve always found poetry works well that way. One word leads to another leads to another leads to another poem. It can get addicting. (If you find yourself writing poetry between 2am and 6am you’ll know the addiction is in full force. hahahaha) Seriously tho, if you are looking to write, I think that’s great and hope you’ll share at some point.

      btw – Not being able to do much in the way of manual labor, I will admit I miss the feeling of getting something done with your hands. Not sure what industry you are in but that is pretty cool too. The weather is perfect around here and I wanna take advantage of it before it gets all cold again. Walking on one leg in the cold (especially w/ ice or snow) sucks…hopefully it will stay nice for a while….hopefully!

      Best of luck on the poems, always good to hear from you. Hope all is well,


      • H2O buddy Says:

        I reread my first paragraph and think that if you took it the wrong way that your feelings might have been unintentionally hurt – if so, then I’m sorry. If you were not a sensitive and thoughtful person you would not be working out your own internal feelings and emotions – in your own way. My dream was more of a kick in the bum “snap out of it” sort of thing – maybe what I needed to move ahead. Each person is uniquely different in this world – if we were all the same – tragedy would effect us all in the same way and we would be goners for sure. And then who would be left to figure things out.

      • No worries. I like to think I am thoughtful but I have a thick skin (and to be honest I didn’t take it as mean or anything) Why do you need a kick in the arse to snap out of something? What was your dream? I can never remember mine.

        I’m just curious; you seem like you know exactly what you want to say, or maybe it just comes off like that. I guess we all need something to get us going…shit you have no idea what it takes for me to get moving on the average morning, let alone when shit is really fucked up. So, tell me more about the poems you are working on. In free verse or did you pick a style? What’s the subject matter? Ya got me curious.


      • H2O buddy Says:

        Normally I don’t need a “kick”, but the dream was the trigger to make a major change in my life that was necessary.

        On a personal basis I’m fairly quiet, I enjoy listening to others. Although I do speak up when necessary.

        Poems seem simple but take alot of effort to create. At least I find this to be the case. The poems I’ve been working on initially seem to be about water, wood, and some old memories but are entirely about other subjects. The best way to describe them… they are being written with the reader in mind – to have an unexpected pleasing effect.

      • Cool, hope to see the finished product. I think poetry has always retained its power (in my opinion of course) to transcend the physical subject or theme and take it much farther, depending of course on where the writer wants to take it. Also agree that it is very hard to write coherent thematic poetry under any circumstance. I can definitely testify to the time and effort required. Everything else can be learned or acquired, but time and effort come internally. I’m sure your work will come out well, like I said, hope I get a chance to read them.


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