balloons & afternoons…

the drive back to her place

we’re gonna
be fine.
i timed out deep
got us a water
bottle & smokes.
only my lighter
is dying.

relax & lean back
your tired-eyes;
hold in
that sharp gasp.
if you can
trust me,
i’ll get you
home safe.

we’ll make it
to your place
soon as we can.
’till then
we hafta ride
my sputtering car
as long as it takes.

we already fought
i already lost
(nothing new there;)
now i’m driving
us for a few
minutes together as
(even impersonating
us tastes like
granulated sugar)
n’ i’m
back where i started:
one too-late
evolutionary wanna-be.

we’d already traded
rationale & reasonable
just didn’t bother
makin’ up.
made your curb &
pretending ain’t
gonna work.

(last golden look
at you?)
only beauty i
can see is
you dancin’
your front way.
whatever i’d give
to see you turn,
i ain’t got.

open/close your
front door &
it’s just me
& a cigarette,
in my car.

exhale slow &
drive home.


Dedicated to all the last long looks at untouchable beauty. Inspired by the tone of a conversation and the words that fell off the back of a truck.

6 Responses to “balloons & afternoons…”

  1. I like your writing, great creative work!
    All the best

  2. I like your harsh and real style… a gripping and raw tone thoughout the piece… nice work! and congrats on the Perfect Poet Award…

    here is one of my entries…

  3. H2O buddy Says:

    This was very nice – unhurried, subtle. Feel bad about your sputtering car…not to worry, journey safely completed.

    • No worries about the car; it’s a piece of shit that barely gets me around the suburbs. Was an unhurried day until the damn phone started ringing. O’m terrible about remembering what I commit myself too which leads to a ton of those “oops” situations. What can ya do?

      Glad you liked the poem, I have to get another one up tonight (long story) so gotta make it brief. Till next time, thanks for reading as always. Take it easy,


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