Perfect Poet Award (thursday poets rally week 30)…

an unexpected week 30 perfect poet award

Thanks to Jingle for awarding TFBP a Perfect Poet Award for week 30 Thursday Poetry Rally. I know I’m supposed to put up a logo, but I am not sure how to do that, so the following poem is dedicated to Jingle for all her hard work building a place for poets to meet, share poetry, and read the poetry of others. Thanks for all you do, not even counting being a poet and spreading the word of poetry all over the web. You must squeeze 30 hours into every day.


i bet her laugh
sounds like rain
bouncing on the hood
of a car; maybe she can
read minds while eating
dinner or sense poetry
spoken very
far away.

i know she can write
poems & comments,
she can keep up poetic
spirits in a million ways.
whatever her method;
spreading poetry across
every border,
her gift to poets
& readers.

she’s links
& jokes;
listening &
whenever life
demands it; impressing
us with what
seems so natural
coming from

i don’t know
where you find
the time for every
poet; the words
for every poem,
or how you keep it
all together in
such a friendly

that you do is enough.
more than enough.


Thanks again Jingle, for all you do. Everybody should check out her page and find one of the million ways you cna get involved spreading poetry online to all readers & writers. You are a dynamo, and all your work does no go unnoticed nor unappreciated.


16 Responses to “Perfect Poet Award (thursday poets rally week 30)…”

  1. to display the logo, right click on the image, choose “save the image as”, save it to your computer deskstop or file, then insert the image to your post, it is a black rectangle on upper left of your screen when you edit your award post…
    good luck!

    lovely poem!

    • Think I got the image down, (I must say I was quite impressed with myself. First time for everything, including getting an image up over a post.)]

      Glad you liked the poem, and I will post my rec. for the award tomorrow when I do some reading. Thanks for all your help, you are way too kind! Later gater,


  2. also, check the sample award acceptance post below in my week 30 announcement post, imitate and nominate one poet for week 31, have fun!

  3. LOLsss.. you deserve it.. Congratulations

    Happy weekend.. Loads of Love.. have Fun. Claim your awards.. Pass it on if you so wish to.. 😀 xoxox

  4. cool,
    yes, u can use a different logo if you wish!

  5. Noticed also called Ji – that has an interesting meaning in and of itself. You have written a lovely poetic tribute and congrats on the image also. Recently began reading the pieces on those other sites you mentioned – I already have some favorites – I do have to say!

    • That is awesome. There are tons of poets on the web and even some good ones here and there. I feel bad since I haven’t posted much lately (at least I don’t feel like I’m writing as much due mainly to the insistence of life getting in the way) but there is a lot on the way, just taking too damn long to get it out. Ah well, we all have to plug along. (On the plus side, I just got the Arrogant Worms discography so at least there is good music while plugging along.)

      Thanks much for all the compliments, you are, as I’ve said, too kind. Always appreciated. And yeah, Ji is all over the poetry net; amazing. Figured I owed her one for the award; kindness continues to surprise. I can live with that. Take care,


      • H2O buddy Says:

        Just looked up and listened to some of the Arrogant Worms music – you are an interesting sort aren’t you?

  6. I saw your insightful feedback on pollutedpoet’s rally post and had to come check out your work. This Jingle tribute is great. I’ve only been blogging and participating in the rally for a few months, but I already can tell you write her truth–and powerfully.

    If you get a chance, I’d love to hear what you think about my rally post for this week ( or any of my other work in progress ( They’re all pieces that I feel haven’t quite hit the sweet spot yet. Thanks! Julie

    • No prob, thanks for stopping by. I am checking out your site now and will write up some comments tonight when I get home (should be by 3 or 4 a.m Eastern time.) Can’t wait to read more (like what I’ve seen so far) and will write more later. Thanks for reading TFBP, talk to you soon!


  7. Hey congrats on the Award. I haven’t managed to keep up the Thursday Rallies, just doing the PotLuck at present. Love your response to the reward; best I’ve ever seen… a true tribute to the woman who really does seem to spent every waking moment on blogging for the community, and even then that would be if she only needed 2 hours sleep a night. Laugh sounding like rain bouncing on hood of a car simile is just great.

    Wish I had her energy…

    Good stuff, my man


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