ecstatic residency…

ecstatic residency

liberally applied for a few
hours of escapist-
easy action drifting
from my broken parts.
doesn’t seem like
too much to ask.

afternoon pleasantries are
freshly powdered;
essentially sensationalistic
patent medicines for
temporary strength,
powerful enough to overcome
most anything.

let’s not go
chasing windmills.
i don’t wanna confuse
temporary peace & quiet
for perfection.
(it has happened

i think we’re
staring in the wrong
direction, not that it
one problem at a time
is as hard as i’m
willin’ to try.
(humor comes easily
during the afternoon.)
getting turned around
could be a red-herring
comes with such wrinkled

i mean, we could
spend all afternoon
debating what truth
if that ain’t a
wasted afternoon,
i don’t know what is.


Not sure this one is in its final form, but have other things to work on and I like the sound of it enough to post.

10 Responses to “ecstatic residency…”

  1. Hey man, haven’t see you around for a while, how ya been?

  2. oh BTW I took yr advice and purchased Bukowski’s book. I await…

  3. H2O buddy Says:

    This one was difficult to comment on – suited the day though – rain, wind, and cool temperatures. If you were able to stay inside and be comfortable why attempt anything else?

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