nothin’ doin’ today. that
seem close enough to right?

long past tipping & still
tryin’ badly to pay attention;
can’t you hear me listen?
at this distance your wet-
tongue could lick my words.

simultaneous shudder; our
eyes glisten with stark hunger
for different reasons.

only thing i can give you is
metronomic breathing.
my eyes finally open, seeing
you. i’m cooler under your shadow;
closer to your embrace.
next best thing to the
encapsulated & spread-out
synthetic warmth.

you presume a lost cause,
far from where i’m needed.
maybe so. by now,
certainty is dead & buried;
frees us up for compensation
since it all burnt down.

nothin’ doin’ today. that
seem close enough to right?


Dedicated to everything within reach. What I’d do without you I don’t wanna know, but I’d probably go get more, so don’t get that excited.

Indefatigable me. (If you get that joke, I’d be frightened.) Anyhow, after kicking around a couple of different themes since I finished ‘The Butterfly Bitch’ series I finally settled on my next project. The title is ‘Letting Go At Slow Speed.’ The series will focus on the idea of “strangers” expressed from different points of view. Not sure how long it will take to complete; the outline is done and I’m happy with the plan but they say something about ‘best laid plans’ so you know what that means. Rather than the 3-6-9-6-3 format of TBB series, I thought I’d change it up to something more appropriate here as there is less of a need for nuance/balance and more need to examine the extremes. Hoping to post the first poem tomorrow, then we shall see where it goes.

7 Responses to “extemporaneously…”

  1. C-B you are brilliant. I confess, I had to read this a couple of times, but then when I read the tags and your discussion on your next project I realized a resonance with my first impression which was tail-gaiting! My favorite lines are the two about the wet tongue licking words and metronomic breathing. Great sensory images.

  2. This had a calming effect – very reassuring.

    • Glad you found it reassuring, I was surprised you used the term ‘calming’ just because I was such a mess writing this (long boring story) trying to figure out why everything seems like it’s such a mess. Thanks for the compliment, means a lot.


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