music & rescue (LGASS part 1)…

music & rescue

past tense revolt
of dispassionate ease;
limited to
attacks on sobriety,
simple revolution
never fails.

layered (should be)
frustrations –
on top
until every
ice-cube smashed
on linoleum is
an abysmal failure.
missing a tumbler
six inches away
shouldn’t count as epic
even failure.

i should
stop counting;
one is more
than i know
what to do with.

lucky soul respite
in blueberry music
marking time;
all different,
say different,
speak different,
sing different.

too smacked down
for much else;
glazed glass,
air-tight bottle, 7
earrings & 3 finger
rings & a 3
ring circus with
hot bright light
& more music.

beautiful warmth inside
those shining rings. if
i can’t feel it yet, i know
it’s there to be felt.
want so bad
to be taken in.
no way of knowing
what i need to know
from here;
how the fuck
did i end up outside
lookin’ in?

“hey kid,
dintcha hear?
duct-tape salvation
everything else
at bay.”

not averse to
a strangers idea;
long as the music
keeps playing
i guess that
could come next;
beats waiting
around hopin’.


This is part 1 of “Letting Go At Slow Speed.” At the moment, I am planning a five poem arc, but there is room for more if taken in the right direction. I’m sketching out part 2 now and will try to have it up as soon as possible. I’ll make a separate page for it as well, it seems easier to follow the continuity of the series. Anyhow, if you are reading this, thanks for the eyeballs. Appreciated as always.

7 Responses to “music & rescue (LGASS part 1)…”

  1. Reading part two …

  2. keep hoping,
    keep music playing…

    things will change when you are patient, confident..

  3. Well they do say a glass or two is actually good for you – being mortal and all. The effect of approaching life from a different perspective, by elective does have different results to be sure. Transitions – thoughts, symbols, realities – songs involve the same creative process. And so there is harmony…and the beat goes on in songs and in our hearts. No fault may be found in good works on this earth!

  4. H2O buddy Says:

    After thought – not talking about “An Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MInd” approach to life. Basically people know right from wrong, they make their choices. However, how we react when their choices adversely effect us is what we do have control over – either we cause further destruction (to ourselves and/or others) or we don’t. Some of the greatest works of art – music, literature, art were created in response to some really bad situations, events, etc.

  5. H2O buddy Says:

    correction – Afterthought

  6. Love your vision in this one

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