have we met (LGASS part 3)…

(LGASS part 3)

have we met?

stare at me
as long as you want;
strange sight, isn’t
(that’s an awful lotta
hair for a dude, dontcha

i mean,
i can ignore anything
if you make
it worth my while.
holding my breath &
exhale long,
breathe deep
& a
pleasant sigh.

remember when we could have those
that would last for days
& even then the best we
ever did was agree to
me either.

still, ain’t nothin’
really worth staring at.
why are
looking at me like that?


The LGASS series will run 1 more poem, having been shortened to 4 from 5. Thanks much for reading as always.

6 Responses to “have we met (LGASS part 3)…”

  1. H2O buddy Says:

    Is this about a relationship not being what it should be?

    • Good catch. My jumping off point was talking to someone who means the world to me and realizing the change in tone of voice, like they were talking to a stranger and the stranger was me. Thought it fit in well with the LGASS series.

      Out of curiosity, did I hit a resonant string?


      • You betcha!

      • Sounds like life. Damn. You owe me a poem for lack of detail. hahahahahahaha (sorry inside joke)


      • H2O buddy Says:

        Actually I have just about finished one that is quite long. The experience has felt very much like a chicken sitting upon an egg waiting for it to hatch. It lulls the mind and that effect works well. I think… the reader will enjoy it!

      • Well, I can’t wait to check it out. Do you have a site you post on? Sure feel like I owe you for being such a kick ass reader. It is much appreciated.


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