smile baby, it’s only me…


every smile
flashes recognition
that anything
is possible;
mouse lives to fight another day
the alley cat
has dinner.

4 Responses to “smile baby, it’s only me…”

  1. Punchy little piece containing a nugget of universal truth/axiom. I might possibly replace the semi-colon with a colon, but it works fine IMHO. I like the ‘one way or the other someone’s happy’ kinda moral with the alley cat vs the mouse. Quite clever. I especially appreciate such cleverness and expression of genuine axiom in a short poem. Oh how weary I am of wading through lengthy crap that could be literally 50% of the size and still say what it does, but of course more potently.


    • Agree with what you said completely. Sometimes length can be a virtue (alright, insert dick joke here) but it was just a kernel of an idea, this one didn’t need to be more than a few words. Still meditating on semi-colon/colon but I try to keep things to just periods, commas, & semi-colons for timing for the reader rather than grammatical purposes. Always glad for the ideas/crit; thanks Luke.


  2. Very profound piece, and I am in awe of the kind of truth you bring out with such few words. We are indeed in a world with the motto – survival of the fittest. Brilliant piece!

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