we ate lunch
with fingers,
lips ‘n tongues;
chewed & swallowed.
afterwords, we split
the check & left.

where are
we gonna go
next? i’m not
sure i trust
me leavin’ it
all up to you.

still not sure
how deep
that part goes.
(doesn’t change a
damn thing)
i’m following you.

any other direction
is only half-
right & mostly
besides, it ain’t
really a choice.

you buried
telephone lines under
my eyes
& fastened
the other end
to your hip pocket.

if my prayers
still kneel
at your altar;
what it is
you’re hearing is
open to question.

really; i admire you.
not often am i this
close to someone who
could ask me to jump off
the GW bridge & get
me to think about it.

i’m almost serious.
you can’t find
a girl
like that
just anytime
or anywhere.


Questions? Yes, the title is a joke. Yes, the poem is over-romanticized and probably over-stylized but that was just to make a point. No, the poem is not about anybody real. We are, after all, talking about hierogamy here. There is also a Buffett reference in the poem. If you can find it I will give you a raisin.

(Submitted for Jingle’s Thursday Poets Rally Week 31.)

49 Responses to “hierogamy…”

  1. Wow – heart skips a beat just thinking about this one! Nice to see this side of you. Like seeing Snoopie spinning with joy up on his hind legs, nose held high in the air, and ears flapping straight out.

    • My human side is showing! I know I don’t write much about this subject but nobody escapes without falling a few times. Nice image btw, big Snoopy fan myself! Thanks for swinging through, always glad to hear from you.


  2. You had this filed under hysterical romance and that made me smile. Over-stylized? I didn’t find it so…but it brought back memories of the beginning of a relationship that you’re not sure about, but even as you’re thinking about that fact, you realize you’re already more in it than out of it.

    • To me, all romance is hysterical because of the nature of the beast. Working through my experiences, I guess it all comes back to that all consuming feeling. I think Billy Bragg said it best in his poem he wrote to “walk Away Rene”;

      “It was just like being on a fast ride at the fun fair
      The sort you want to get off because its scary
      And then as soon as you’re off you want get straight back on again
      But all love is strange
      And you have to learn to take the crunchy with the smooth I suppose”

      That pretty much nails it for me. I try really hard not to write much on the subject; there is already so much been said I can only offer my little version of events. Glad you liked it, and thanks for the visit & compliment. Hope all is well in your corner of the world.


  3. Wow, I know exactly how that feels, when you’d do anything that someone tells you to do, even if they’re being sadistic. I don’t think this poem is over-romanticized, I think most of us feel that way about someone or another.

    “any other direction
    is only half-
    right & mostly
    besides, it ainโ€™t
    really a choice.”

    So truly said…

    • Glad it resonated with you. Nothing like being on that fence knowing you would follow someone anywhere and not knowing where that is. Also happy you didn’t think it over-romanticized. I have a tendency to do that without thinking about it; one more thing to look for during editing! Thanks for the compliment & visit. Always good to hear from you.


  4. Enjoyed reading this one, not often you get humour with love poems

  5. so well put.
    hope you well in reality and love…
    beautiful poetry to enjoy, thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for the participation,
    I am super busy, but try to visit as often as I can.
    keep up the excellence.
    Happy Rally.


    • Thanks kindly. I can appreciate the time and effort you have put into building such a great community of poets. I don’t know how you have the energy to write, read, and comment as much as you do! I am always happy when you stop by, and very glad you enjoyed my entry for the TPR. Thanks again,


  7. I enjoyed reading your poem and the comments too.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    How I know you- this one is a RARE piece.. very beautifully done.. Good to see your this side too! “Walk Away Renee” is just so well written!! Thanks for producing it here again.
    I find “Love” an over- exaggerated and confused terminology.. I mean True Love and stuff is just beyond my understanding.. It’s very subjective to me.. Romance- yes.. yes.. yes..
    There’s this thing to it that makes it so dreamy. At times even predictable and yet wanting MORE.. haha
    Pretty Interesting this one- I am smiling still ๐Ÿ™‚
    Loads of wishes and Love (yeah that too LOLsss)xx


    Did you notice “we are together” at the Rally Entry- heehee!! Best Always

    • Too kind as always; glad you liked it. I will check out your poem later in the day; Agree on the word love itself being confusing. It is frustrating but true that sometimes there is no right answer. Romance is? Well fuck me if I know what it means.

      That Billy Bragg poem over the solo guitar is one of my favorite versions of that song. Hope all is well in your corner of the world,


  8. Oh Crap…this hits home…and no, it’s not over-romanticized in my opinion.

    We fall…literally….in love…in stupid and fantastic ways…and hopefully live through it.

    Mouth open for that raisin but I don’t think I will get it: “telephone lines buried under eyes”???

    Love that line, there are so many here….but that one especially hits hard.

    Great poem, this. Hauntingly good.

    Lady Nyo

    • Thanks very much for the compliment. Sorry, no raisin there (but close…) Loved your first two words; they come astonishingly close to what I said after I’d finished editing. Kept thinking I’d made the symbolism too stark for the subject/theme, but in a weird way, maybe it worked. (That’s just my long way of saying thanks again for the compliment.) Enjoy your poetry as well; the world always needs more poets.


  9. Scent of my heart Says:

    iโ€™m almost serious.
    you canโ€™t find
    a poem
    like that
    just anytime
    or anywhere… Loved it!

  10. You definitely nailed the fever of the beginnings of romance – loved the telephone lines connected from below your eyes to the other person’s hip pocket. Brilliant. So well done, excellent tone, lots of great images. Yay!

  11. Amazing words ๐Ÿ˜› Happy Rally, so full of love and roamance, great job;D

  12. This skipped a beat from me.. Wonderfully written..

    An Ode to Friendship

    Happy Rally

    –Someone Is Special–

  13. I love the reality you’ve brought into this. The tone is so matter-of-fact, which is what makes this memorable for me. I think it would be wonderful to read aloud; the simplicity of your language and your straightforward approach to romanticism really come through very strongly and appeal directly to the reader. Great job!

    • Thanks kindly. Glad you noticed the tone, there was a lot of head-scratching as I was writing trying to make it ‘sound right.’ When I’m working with shared themes that all people have some experience with, I try to keep it light as opposed to too much seriousness which can bum anyone out, and it’s not all cynicism & negativity. Just most of it. (hahaha) Thanks again for your visit & compliment, swing through anytime.


  14. Wow, this is awesome. My favorite one thus far today. I love how it makes a point and says something about “human” nature and the word choices…perfect.

  15. A.B. Thomas Says:

    An enjoyable read, though I would disagree that its over romanticized – the first callings of lust always idealize every motion, moment and flicker that the one you’re enamored with does or you think she’s doing. Thanks again for a flight of fancy for my mind to hitch a ride on!

  16. That was written very well. It did have humour and did have extreme romance. I do think it was over-romanticized as you mentioned but then almost all poetry is. It does not lessen its impact.

  17. A word from an old poetic apprentice… never apologise for a write. Let it stand or fall on its own merits. This has guts and muscle.
    You have me wanting to come back and discover more.

  18. missbrittab Says:

    I love the way you talk about things with a secret sense of sarcasm. You remind me of someone I know. I don’t agree that this is “over-romanticized” I think it’s matter-of-fact and to the point. It’s like you write in conversation.

    Here’s my post for Week 31

  19. To hell with the raisin!
    Give me a margarita with salt round the rim. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Seriously…he-he. The lady you put on a pedestal,
    and the bridge you’ll cross together
    will keep you in good company, and in good stead
    with all those higher-ups looking down on you.

    Have a totally regal weekend, my friend!

  20. a simply gud poetry
    Visit my poetry .. THE GRIEF …
    for week 31 RALLY

    !! HAPPY RALLY !!

  21. yuuki-chan Says:

    any other direction
    is only half-
    right & mostly
    besides, it ainโ€™t
    really a choice.

    Sigh. The stirrings of a love unsure. ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. I take love seriously, but romance not at all … so I appreciated this. Nicely down … overstatement is a statement, after all. Good stuff! Poem on …

  23. You made each word count on this poem…I loved the sounds in it!

  24. I’m glad you decided not to avoid this subject. I think you came up with a solid piece that hits reality without being overwrought. Every time it seemed like you could have veered that way, you came up with great lines like “iโ€™m not / sure i trust / me leavinโ€™ it / all up to you.”

    Unfortunately, I’m not a Buffett fan, so this Cornflake Girl won’t try for the raisin.

    BTW, did you get my thanks for your feedback on my entry for the previous rally? I’m pretty new to the blogging thing, and I wasn’t sure if I did the right thing by clicking “reply” under your comment. Anyway, I tweaked the piece a bit, reworked the punctuation on it and a couple of other pieces, and sent them off for consideration for a couple of journals last week. So thanks again!

    • No worries J. Been on radio-silence for a few days but things will slow down enough to get on top of everything going on. As to the blogging thing, don’t worry about it. I try to keep things as informal as possible, that way there are no expectations of ‘real work’ to use a popular expression. At any rate, thanks very much for your compliment, and keep writing!


  25. I don’t agree that it’s over-romanticized either. I’ve heard people say that if it doesn’t make you act crazy, it’s not love. I think there’s an ounce of truth in that.

    My favorite: “if my prayers
    still kneel
    at your altar;”

    Love this poem and the tone which implies that although he’d rather not be madly in love, he is.

    • Thanks for the kind words and for reading. The last sentence of your comment is the definition of what I was going for; so glad you were able to see it in the poem. The line you quoted was also the answer to the trivia question about the Buffett reference! I started thinking about the image after listening to “Knees of My Heart.” Thanks again for your eyeballs and the compliments. Appreciated immensely.


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  27. belladonna23 Says:

    as always, i loved this one =D your way with words is something to truly admire

  28. danroberson Says:

    Love’s gotcha in this one. You led me through the poem and I enjoyed very step.

  29. I like this a lot , its smart and sharp.

    Though its thought to be at the end of comments,
    because I want to go back and read it again.
    C Murray

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