back in blacksburg…

back in blacksburg

it’s cold here tonight.

wasn’t a conversation; but
nice enough
knowing an old friend
is alive & singing
while god plays
guitar. some things
never change &
even when they do,
they don’t.

so much
way back when;
hourly visits with Jeebs &
cooking lessons
(my lasagna is still

baseball ’till those
fuckers on the west
coast put the
last out away.

later, between basement
visits at the t-shirt factory
(probably manned by
robots these days)
& Birmingham rock star
road trips made
another phone call
or letter mean less
than nothing. (i was
always glad that worked
out right for you.)

all-night drive
to florida;
key west is wrecked
& we made it out alive.

distances &
in-between times are
infinitely longer;
doesn’t change
a thing.

there is word
from an old friend;
she’s alive
& on stage.

it ain’t too cold here


For a friend. Inspired by a comment a few days back.

6 Responses to “back in blacksburg…”

  1. you walk along the inside-joke/story very nimbly, allowing us outsiders just enough of a glimpse inside to follow along, or at lease to feel like we are. Well done!

  2. Read this yesterday. Decided to let it sink in for a while. The expression “I’m still standing” comes to mind. And here’s to all of the wonderful days yet to come.

    • Better to be lucky than good and a few days ago I was both. This is one of my first attempts to write poetry towards a friend rather than someone more… intimate perhaps? Found out the process is similar but the reference points are all different. Interesting process to say the least. Thanks as always. It is always good to hear from ya.


  3. Scent of my heart Says:

    I remember reading this before and like now I don’t know what comment to leave you. I have no words equal enough to your writing, creative and perfect/ to me/

  4. Though the distances are apart,those sweet memories of your friend are still hanging on in you and in your poem.Nice!

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