take it for the team…


parked my car
uphill with
a broken-
grinning back
from the emergency break
some of his
teeth are
gone ’cause he
take a punch.

still crusts
corners of his jaw;
now he bares a
brown corn-syrup grin
with my blood
knowing all about
that time i lost
my temper & knocked
his teeth out.

how it happened
doesn’t register
if it ever did.
all the steeper
now require a
to cover his
silent accusation
that it
was all
for nothing.

he’s just
not smart enough
to know
why it wasn’t.
same as every
empty broken
plastic or bone.

14 Responses to “take it for the team…”

  1. Great write..

    said it.

  2. LOL! I can see it happening right before my eyes…you should watch the movie “Anger Management” It might make you chuckle at this a bit harder still! May all of your parking in the future be easy! best wishes!

  3. I real easy flowing read. Enjoyed it very much!

    writing at its best


  4. What a nice post. I really love reading these types or articles. I can?t wait to see what others have to say.

  5. Ms. Peaches Says:

    well written thanks for sharing…everyone has aggression and how it happened to begin with is not always clear.

    here from Jingle’s poetry rally


  6. H2O buddy Says:

    But each broken skull is unique. The word “storm” has a wide range of meanings for people depending upon their own experiences. It is said that the effects of early unresolved losses are compounded by later ones – so a wave of emotion may become a tsunami. I hate funerals myself. Don’t go to them unless I absolutely must – tell friends that I don’t plan on going to my own. hahahahaha

    • That is awesome; well, not awesome but ironic; I feel the exact same way about weddings. I hate going to them and avoid them (and funerals) as much as possible. Funny note; my emotions always seem to come as tsunamis. There isn’t much middle-ground in me. Long battle to fight, but there are worse fates. Thanks as always for stopping by.


  7. Whoa, brilliant piece! There are so many ways to take the ending. Sent shivers down my spine.

    • Well, I was hoping to end the poem on a more hopeful note than the end of the 3rd stanza. I added in the last lines as a way to communicate that I don’t believe in a moment where ALL is lost or pointless. Just a philosophical musing I suppose. I’ll swing by later today to read your newest; always a good read! Hope all’s well,


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