where i’m from…

where i’m from

i heard
of pure
high mountain
chains & lived
& cascades.

what i know
is friendly white-
trash romance mixed
into pretensions
of an upper-middle
class child-
hood (such
bullshit terminology)
tells you
everything ’bout
where i’m from.

so there are
& people,
facing opposite
oceans lapping
opposite shores
of the same tectonic

i got my
homemade jean
shorts trapped
’round my hips,
& seven sisters,
all the pleiadians,
(fakery factory
symbolic of middle-
class nothingness)
in my ears.

mountains don’t
usually crash
into each other
fast enough to smush
my two halves
into anything
days i’m fake
white trash &
other days i’m
a bullshit middle class
that means

i can give you
a fair impression
of either.

proven much
but the quantity
of bullshit
is roughly equal
on both sides
of the divide.

we can go anywhere.


Dedicated to my sister cities Ellensburg, WA & Blacksburg, VA. Neither one is home (or where I’m actually from) but both towns made a big imprint on me for reasons having almost nothing to do with geography. Add in a few questions remaining to be answered about my past (at times I know as little as you about that subject) and here we are. Gets me thinking every time.

10 Responses to “where i’m from…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    A puzzle … it’s like a puzzle this one! You have to really find the right direction of the words and put them together to fully understand what are you trying to say here … If it’s something you keep inside yourself as a feeling, well that’s one hell of demon to keep inside …if it’s just a fiction I take a bow to your talent! Either way I loved it!

  2. H2O buddy Says:

    Think you need a hug – here’s one… hug! Pat yourself on your back for what you did well today – you deserve it. Pretty much everyone in America comes from fractured lineage from across the globe. People escaping hardships, seekng opportunities, etc. And the original gene pool is much smaller than anyone would have imagined. It is a land of possibilities. Benjamin Franklin didn’t have “blue blood relatives” so he and his like minded friends formed their own social network/group. The original Rockerfeller had a medicine cart/wagon and sold his wares on the road.

  3. H2O buddy Says:

    Rockefeller – typo typo typo

  4. It is funny how we are just given a tag because of such petty reasons, and made to believe that you can just generally categorize people one way or another.

    I really enjoyed this poem, kind of speaks to all of us, kind of just speaks of yourself.

  5. Hey man… just to say you know, I spent far more time on the Group Boards than on the blogs. If I had to choose between them, It’d be the Groups every time. I learn so much there. So while I’ll give you some crit now and then here, if you really want it, you know where to post

  6. i like this.
    The broken sentences are a nice touch

  7. H2O buddy Says:

    Are you all right? Hope it is the case that you are busy… Good news – the poem I was working on is done and is on the way to its’ new home – all 11 pages of it. Now I have to work on the second half of it – Part II. Is this fun or what!

    • Fun is always good! No, just been trying to fix some of the more broken aspects of life right now, haven’t had time to sit and write the last few days. Luckily that should change tomorrow. Congrats on the poem, 11 pages huh? That sounds amazing, I’d love to read it sometime. Best of luck on the second half,


      • H2O buddy Says:

        Thanks for taking a time out to comment then! Glad you are OK. If the “broken aspects” are people remember the only control you really have is over your own reactions. Otherwise your life’s energies are drained right out of you. The ones who do the damage continue on their paths and you are left in their wake.

  8. belladonna23 Says:

    nice, the lack of acceptance of where we are from and thus accepting who we are tend to go hand in hand………..i loved the frustration, too. i can easily understand what your talking about

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