you don’t even wanna know…

Some people have really important things to do. Luckily, those dumb fucks aren’t me, freeing me up nicely to run off for some indeterminate amount of time in one of those classic frenzies. If it wasn’t fun, I seriously doubt I’d bother, but being both fun and easy is a combination this kid doesn’t pass up. It never fails to amaze me how stringing together alternating periods of existence can create the impression of progress. I’d smoke an extra cigarette to emphasize the point, but as with all good benders, a mysterious phone call with the promise of continuance just rang me down.

With no time to snatch any poetic license now, it just means more later. (Lately, that seems to be the theme. You try so damn hard at times to set up on Baltic Avenue only to end up on one of those yellow, or even green spaces. (Fuck Park Place and Broadway, for reasons hardly needing to be stated.) I’d apologize, but we aren’t there yet, and I’m slow planing into an idea that ends in the same place it started but with a few new stories to tell. Someone asked me where I get my shit from, and the sad truth is that where ever it is, I gotta go back for a while for a refill. Well, oblique is better than no refraction at all. Does that makes sense?

I’d also like to say it would seem Dr. Hook does not translate well. That is OK, except those bastards aren’t even coming to this fucking continent to play. Well, that is a question for Lady Godiva or Acapulco Goldie or Marie Laveau. Get about as much of an answer from them anyway. Go find the poison shop. There is work to be done, and that bastard Trowell keeps poking at me to do something disingenuous. There is a mechanic to see about some engineering questions, but I think I’m OK to ride. Between all of them, daylight is burning and I need to check on the availability of the cosmic dust from the ladies of Cassiopeia. With any kind of luck at all, we are in for it now.

Work, work, work, I know. I feel like I have some responsibility to duck, and you have to go while the getting is good. Right now it’s great to be able to spread out, one way or another, confront the dragons and let the demons in to have some fun. I think I get why people fight those battles alone, but backup has arrived, and it looks like they sent the pro’s from Dover. That’s like a half step ABOVE sending the Wolf. It feels so good to be able to ditch out, if only for a few seconds, minutes, hours, days, whatever. Better get an extra hair tie. This is going to take us all the way to Texas just to confirm what we saw from the Moon.

Off collecting poems. Back later.

9 Responses to “you don’t even wanna know…”

  1. you don?t even wanna know?…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. H2O buddy Says:

    …pro’s from Dover, you do know how to turn a phrase. A rose by any other name. Nearly fell out my chair, laughing so hard my eyes have teared up.

    • Actually stole the phrase from the original MASH movie. Donald Sutherland refers to himself & Eliot Gould as ‘the pro’s from Dover’ when visiting an Army hospital in Japan. One of my all time favorite flicks, love the dark humor in it. Glad ya dug the poem!


  3. High tech versus board games – guess it is a matter of taste – sorry for any unintended offense…


    Awards 4 u. xxx
    Happy Belated Halloween to you. Our potluck is open, welcome linking,
    Old poems, poems unrelated to Halloween are welcome.
    You rock!

    keep writing, keep sharing!


    the celebrate poet of September award for you,
    plus the honorable mention,
    u rock!

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    Thanks for the support.

  6. jake…

    excelent post, keep it coming…

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