i was lucky.
there are places,
voices, really.
it can take
ages to find,
but even dime-
store wisdom
has its place.

it can take a
miracle to find,
or simple
laziness or
they have answers
if you are
willing to accept

listening to
a voice;
going to
some far-off place.
distinct voices
in crowds
of leisurely
wandering cacophony.

deep contentment
if not lasting.
lost in the
shuffle of
desires is every
so often
i was

i was
lucky; i found
all his poems
already bound
up. i had
to force my
eyes open
to hear
everything i felt;
words rushed
i held on.

i was lucky.
how luck is
made from
a willingness
to listen
i still
do not know.

lucky enough
for me,
i was listening
when he spoke.


Inspired by ‘Stranger Country’ by L. Cohen.

5 Responses to “montreal…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    nice one … sometimes is very important to listen at the right time … keep being lucky xoxo

  2. H2O buddy Says:


  3. […] montreal… « a fool's behind pocket… […]

  4. While I haven’t been reading your poetry for long and have only read a few, this poem and ‘personality profile’ read differently from your other poems. Despite the short lines, which seems to be your preference, this poem isn’t as intense and condensed as your other poems. The voice is calmer and gentler. It’s an interesting contrast to your other poems.

    • I know, my writing is falling lately, so I haven’t been posting as much. Took a break to read and educate myself for a while, then will return posting more poems when I have something stronger than the last few. Hard to explain; I’m not sure where my voice went, I just know I’m looking for it! Thanks for swinging through, I will return the visit ASAP. Hope all is well,


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