revised fortune…

revised fortune

i wanted tomorrow
& you gave me
today. we
strike our
share all spoils.
slitting throats
for peaceful

past rainfall, others
have more
important things
to do.
not me.
i’m stuck in
the present so
carefully unprepared
for anything. whatever
particular details
gleaned from seeing
something previously
only heard stick
to small points
that barely draw

impressionism is
really two day old
after mirrors
have mated
with flying hammers.
(the children
are hideous &
one thousand
empty bottles
can’t be wrong.

i stagger from
forgotten dreams
seemingly without
effort. it just all
has the same streaky
look; strawberry-blond
scents &
brunette flavored light.

awkward suppositions,
phone-call intrusions
& the like; all
distractions slicing
away at whatever
minor-key focus
i have left.

strike our
sharing all spoils,
slitting throats
for peaceful

every slick
thrust slides
more deeply & historical
lubricants make
for easy replay.
it isn’t fever-
sweat dripping
from my
forehead; that
much i get.
coming together
at any particular
point flicking
tongues in time
to rhythmic

i wanted tomorrow
& you gave me
today. we’re
always striking
the same compromise.


7 Responses to “revised fortune…”

  1. this is HOT CB. I love it 🙂

  2. A slice of advice for poems emitted from a ‘fool’s back pocket…

    Stop writing defensively.. the is no ranking or hierarchy of importance in the drawing of blood. it is either drawn or not.. whether by gush or is drawn all the same.
    Your job as wordsmith is honing the essence of a thing.. making it visible and one hopes in the apprenticeship of language, that its visibility is made memorable by the originality and fearlessness o its voice. Your vision is as fearless as your voice if you let it. Stop apologising for being less then.. you have the the raw potential to be everything but..only you can give yourself that kind of permission.

    • Well, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the first paragraph, being that I am not a dualist I cannot abide the whole “it bleeds or it doesn’t” philosophy. Why limit the imagery? There is so much more to see/hear/feel than that simple yes/no philosophy allows for. Just how I think.

      The second paragraph seems complimentary, for which I thank you. After an intense conversation with a friend who agreed strongly with your point, I will take it under consideration moving forward. I do appreciate the honesty. I can be a self-deprecating SOB for reasons that aren’t worth repeating. Maybe it needs to be toned down. (Though I’m just pointing out that it is not worth much to take yourself too seriously. This can, of course, be taken too far.)

      All in all, that was heavy, if justified. You’re a good man Charlie Brown.


  3. striking the same comprise,

    life is like that.
    stay happy, you deserve the best.

  4. H2O buddy Says:

    I do worry about someone such as yourself – a dark abyss is not the place to spend the time you are given on this earth – especially someone with your level of intelligence.

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