ok then…

ok then

there was music
on the radio
& the universe was
spreading out
in waves of smoke
& gas. i was where
i needed to be,
in the center
of it all melting
and forming as

watching & waiting
and breathing under
delusions of grandeur;
i am the king of a
territory i have never
seen. instead i
was working a side
job giving free
advice to passers-
by with an unspoken
understanding that
nobody believed
a word i said.

whatever telling
clues abound between
the dosage of
unlimited amounts
of hydrogen or
oxygen (or whatever)
as the people
stream by
not-quite hearing
what it is i’m saying;
deliberate whisper-
volume obfuscation.

this delusional
soiree everything
stops moving
long enough
for meaning to
penetrate quiet
pertaining to royalty
& delusion. those of
us still following
strict diets of
inhalation may con-
tinue on.

turns out even
the literal caught
fire; herded
through a maze
of extremities
trying to calm
the scattered
nerves. charm
isn’t going to
suffice when the
masks come off;
we’ll leave
that for later

there’s no breaking
into foreign social
circles without
a better explanation
than that;
“i am the king of a
territory i have never
seen” isn’t
an answer
anybody is going
to accept.

ok then.
i try to explain
that space is expanding,
a wicked red-shift
says it’s true.
there is more than
enough of everything;
bullshit as well as
space. explains
as much as
turtles all the
way down.

One Response to “ok then…”

  1. H2O buddy Says:

    Brilliant minds in ancient times arrived at truths by observation and reasoning that would not be proven scientifically until many generations later. Gregor Mendel and his pea plants only proved what had already been observed pre AD.

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