ridden again…

ridden again

over n’ over
i hear
“talk to me baby,
tell me how
good it is.
you better know
it was all you
that got me wet;
i’m grinding
down & you
better push-up.”

with a breathless
smile i’ll moan
“just go slow baby,
check your
ego at the door;
i know it’s you
up there. if i
laugh after every
orgasm every-
thing else will take
care of itself.”

so what if i didn’t
answer the question?
there are secrets
to keeping clean
in the midst
of elemental desire;
where & when
matter in these
things. a hard-
chase ending
should be something
more than
a smile dripping
with surprise.

i once knew a girl
with a K-Paxian attitude
towards sex;
that was
a debate & a half
before we wrestled
our differences out
between the sheets.
when it was over, she
thanked me with
a hip thrust-moan
you had to feel
to believe.

derelict cars rot
on the side of
the road. check ’em
out to answers
your questions.
a million back-seat
questionnaires huff
fog off the windows.
depending on
sample size,
you just might
learn something
about the aftershocks,
a paired off
population of
moving, sliding, squirting;
getting off then
showering & wandering
back outside to find
the next.


Inspired by Luke’s question regarding humor & sex. Dedicated to… well, that doesn’t really matter. Gotta keep somethings private, and the woman I had as a model for the woman in the poem is really an amalgamation of kind spirits that have come and gone, so nobody specific really. Another story for another time.

16 Responses to “ridden again…”

  1. Scent of my heart Says:

    🙂 I guess very well written, can’t comment on the poem as a poem, not educated about it! As for the part that I can comment … well I won’t :)! Your poetry doesn’t sucks! It’s just fine!

    • Thanks much. It has been good to have something to say once again. Just needed the right inspiration you might say. Hope you are well.


      • Scent of my heart Says:

        With the little I’ve seen from your writing I’m sure you will always have something, worth remembering to say! I’m very well, thanks! Hope the same goes with you!

  2. H2O buddy Says:

    Makes it all seem shallow and unimportant doesn’t it? Hardly worth the effort. Wonder what your inspiration was for this one?

    • Naw, the subject itself ain’t shallow or unimportant. If anything, this is a reaction to both things I read from other poets as well as my own experiences so far. It’s like anything else I guess, gotta take a risk sometime. Glad to see you around duder. Always good to hear from ya.


      • H2O buddy Says:

        So which is your experience?

      • Well, read through everything on the site I suppose. My experiences are varied on all fronts with a few common themes that seem to come n’ go way too often. I would say 99% of what I write is from experience one way or another, and you’ve been reading my work for a while; do I ever do specifics? All in jest, and a late happy Guy Fawkes Day.


      • H2O buddy Says:

        Never mind that last question – too intrusive I think. Have a nice weekend.

      • Not too intrusive, I just have a lot of practice as an Artful Dodger. Don’t take it badly, we all do what we need to do when we need to do it. Just preserving whatever anonymity I have left is all. No obsequiousness intended. Have a good weekend as well.


      • H2O buddy Says:

        Guy Fawkes..the man killed himself rather than be drawn and quartered and was drawn and quartered anyway – even after he was dead – oooooooh! Now that is overkill! (I just looked up the historical info on him.) Presently watching Dumb and Dumber for the first time – very silly/funny – haven’t watched a movie in a while.

      • Re: Guy Fawkes – Tells us that speaking up can be dangerous even after you’re dead. While I am non-violent, the imagery is important.

        As for movies, try “V For Vendetta”, or if you want top quality try for “The Lion In Winter” (the Peter O’Toole version only.) D&D was funny but if you want great humor try UHF or “Office Space.” Can’t go wrong with any of them though. I’ve really lost patience with television since LOST went off air. Mostly just watch sports and listen to music. I can’t stand sports commentary and how badly most of those douche bags butcher the language.


      • H2O buddy Says:

        I have seen the Lion In Winter many times – love the dialogue between Peter O’Toole and Katherine Hepburn. I will look for the other ones you have mentioned. I don’t watch much television – I do like Fringe.

      • Righteous. Timothy Dalton also made his debut in that one. Struck me this morning I should have mentioned any of the Bogie/Bacall flicks are always worth a watch. I have some buddies into Fringe but haven’t checked it out yet. I do watch a lot of cartoons, but mostly that’s just a blatant refusal to grow up. ha!


  3. Great. Ah, the visit to the island paradise that Thought has not yet conquered 🙂

  4. A trip to the islands is always a sexual experience & a very stimulating one at that. Very well written, someone to keep an eye on for sure. Bless 😉

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