morphine sulfate &
nothing to eat. whatever
dangers keep
you coming back
for more while
hoping to see me
strangle my only
partner in crime
is the only friend
i got.

fighting this losing-
battle over inhalation,
administration, inoculation,
goddamnitall just
shovel the shit my way;
you have no idea
how much i can take.

only loyalty i know
is the poison
backing me up.
hold me down
the countdown
towards extreme
jaundice continues to
approach &
if i’m gonna
fight let’s hope
you untied
my left hand.

junkie chic &
a wake-up call
from the prettiest girl
at the party;
you know what it’s
worth to have that kind
of morning?

fall hard ’cause
there’s nothing
to hold onto ‘cept
lather building foam
out of breath & spit.
it has to be your
sulfate to rest here;
don’t plan on leaving
until it’s all
cleared up.


Inspired by what might be the longest morning ever. I’d try to explain but it wouldn’t make any sense, etc., etc. I want to dedicate this but I feel like that would be extremely poor taste. Split the difference I suppose.

20 Responses to “stay…”

  1. H2O buddy Says:

    Once imprinted…no turning back.

  2. Scent of my heart Says:

    dangers keep
    you coming back
    for more” … that’s my favorite here, makes me think of …things! Another good read, to give me reasons to believe / smile/

  3. You have some way with words and you know it.. 🙂
    So much of Attitude that comes across your words- I love it!!
    Dear friend- you are one of the rare ones who dare to speak up out loud the about the veracities too..
    Well done- Just keep writing- work towards a book- you’ll make an instant hit with compositions relating to “today” and being done so very well..

    Hope your Halloween was as spooky as it could have been- 😀 I made it super ghoulish.. 🙂

    Love and peace My Dear One- xoxoxox

  4. Glad to read you today, hope all is well in your blogging or poetry writing agenda.
    We treasure your input and would be delighted to see you at our potluck again this coming Monday.
    Any poem is acceptable, simply link in and share…
    Let me know if you need further assistance.
    Keep writing, Keep inspiring!

    • Always good to hear from you Olivia. Glad you liked it. I will stop by your site to read through your recent posts tonight or tomorrow. I will probably submit this poem for the Potluck, always a pleasure to join in the fun. Hope all is well in your corner of the world,


  5. call me a fool, but methinks the real poem of this is hiding out inside there behind the junkie chic and the untying…

    • Reminds me of a comment someone made a few days ago. Rest assured, this one is true-blue in the narrowest sense of the term. The true story may be hiding in the poem, but it is there to be read if you know what to look for. Curious; you’re thoughts? Thanks for reading.


  6. way to go,

    thanks for sharing.., your precious poetry with us.

  7. Fuck me this is powerful. I know of what you speak. More than you realise, man. This really gave me a right-hook to the face:

    shovel the shit my way;
    you have no idea
    how much i can take.

    only loyalty i know
    is the poison
    backing me up. >> oh man, so true, and superbly put.

    This is really good. Perhaps a touch (justa touch) on the long side, taking into account what you are saying/how much you convey… probably could be pared down just a little, shaving of the odd redundant word here or there, but nothing as major as a line even. It’s tight. Your line-breaks are crucial. Last three line? Not entirely sure they’re warranted… for me it weakened the ending slightly. ‘it has to be your sulphate to rest here’ is such a strong way to go out, I’d be inclined to strip the last three – unless you feel they say something crucial, and that isn’t implied anywhere else.

    Real goood shit man, keep ’em coming

    Luke @ WordSalad

    (mine are here –

    or the two i just posted… whatever.. I can’t remember what you’ve read and what you haven’t hehe)

    • Read & commented man. I got to thinking about your question regarding the last three lines; I don’t feel they’re crucial to the poem’s narrative but it felt like it needed an ending as the “sulfate” line is too ambiguous. I do like it as an ending, just wondered if the desperation would be as clear without mentioning that we all make messes we have to clean up as best we can. Thanks again, always hungry for the critique! You’re a good man Charlie Brown. Take it easy,


  8. a junkies focus may not seem to be so clear after all..

  9. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Great flow of thoughts here, you feelings come through so well.
    One to reread!

  10. Good one, sensing the hint of frustration and not able to leave it all.. its powerfully done..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  11. Unfortunately (and this disturbs me), I know what you’re talking about here. Not first hand, but I’ve witnessed it; done by somebody restless, and it made me cry. The details of your morning and what I witnessed may be different, but the idea (and hence, the problem) is the same. That being said, your talent is not disturbing. 🙂 You’re very skilled with words and how to make them flow.

  12. Gritty and dark…and somehow you managed to keep it lyrical. Brought me right in and held me there. Great writing.

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